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This piece was written in association with Burbank.

Regarded as one of the nation’s leading builders, Burbank has been bringing detached residential housing into metropolitan areas throughout different regions around Australia. The Burbank NSW/ACT team offers a number of products and options for all types of buyers from Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle as well as other surrounding areas. The Burbank Group originated in 1983 when stepbrothers, Eddie Sanfilippo and Eddie Puhar, decided to follow their passion of building homes. This later on expanded to a small homebuilding company operation to include finance, land development, plumbing and electrical services. From there, their operation grew and began to spread interstate, becoming a trusted Australian builder. Burbank Homes continue to place a lot of importance on family values at the heart of every home as a family-owned and operated company. With over 900 staff members, Burbank values having a passionate team who live and breathe home building.

burbank builder profile

What’s on offer?
Burbank offers a variety of detached homes including single or double-storey, sloping lot, split-level designs and dual living houses. They also provide over 50 designs to choose from, along with plenty of façade and floorplan options to accommodate all customers’ preferences. Burbank has the capability to sell house and land packages in all areas with their land developer partners.

What are the key selling points?
For every Burbank home, there is the assurance that it will stand the test of time with a 30 Year Structural Guarantee and 15 Month Maintenance Pledge. For more peace of mind, they include a 12 Month Price Freeze which will lock in the base home price. This is handy if your land is not quite ready yet, giving you confidence the price won’t change from underneath you. In addition, customers can be fully involved by using MyPlace which allows 24/7 online access to photos and tracking every step of the building progress. Nearly all Burbank designs come with pre-priced options that let you drag and drop changes to your plan at the drop of a hat!

burbank builder profile

What advice would you give to a first home buyer or someone looking to invest?
1. Understand your building timeline: Once it’s financed and land becomes involved, plotting out key milestone dates can set the timeframe for when you plan to move in. With the help of Burbank’s New Home Consultant, the building journey can be less stressful by receiving proper guidance and advice.

2. Find a trustworthy consultant: Since they’ll be your main point of contact, make sure that you are able to communicate and connect well with them to ensure everything falls into place.

3. Get started sooner rather than later: Although some may be hesitant to take a step towards investing, the property will always increase in price over time meaning it will always be cheaper now rather than a few years down the track. This is why talking to your builder and getting a full estimate to understand what you need financially can begin a solid building process.

What are the hurdles that you encounter most frequently throughout the building process? How can clients prepare for these?
The most frequent issue that arises is when customers are underprepared for what’s required at every step. With some leaving it to the last minute to decide which home they want to build after already financially locking themselves in. You can easily overcome this by talking to a Burbank New Home Consultants at the very start. They will be able to guide customers when each milestone needs to be achieved.

burbank builder profile

Can you give your top recommendations of what to look for in a builder?
When it comes to finding a builder, being able to communicate well with them and establish trust are both essential in order to easily getting your dream home. Burbank understands the importance of providing the personal service touch of a small team paired with the buying power of a large-scale national builder. It is important to avoid unnecessary costs down the road which is why the value of both the service and product should be upheld equally.

For more information on Burbank’s home designs and where you can visit a display village, book a call with our team or get in touch on 1800 184 284.

Davina Deluao

Davina graduated from Swinburne University with a Bachelor of Arts. Through travelling and studying abroad in NYC and LA, her interests for property and design grew and have become her strong pursuit.


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