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What Is The Difference Between Home Architecture and a Draftsperson

Following an extensive effort of waiting patiently, clawing your savings together and consulting significant others over what, when, where and how, you’ve decided to renovate or build your home. You’ve come to the crossroads, left scratching your head – you’re entirely unsure who to call next – an architect or a draftsperson?

So you’ve acknowledged that both offer vital building services, yet you’re unsure as to what either of them do exactly – or how their services differentiate.


Lets spend a few moments investigating what the actual difference between the two roles are. And moreover, what each profession involves, and what projects each would work best for.

The training between the two roles is rather varied. Architects must have, at the very least, a Bachelor’s degree to their name before they’re able to gain employment. Typically, a Bachelor’s program in the field of architecture varies between four to five years to complete. A large portion of this involves engaging in intensive coursework that’s supplemented with practical exercises in structures, architectural history, computer aided design and construction based technology.

A license is acquired after intense bouts of examination and, sometimes, level of field work experience is used as a means of measurement.

A draftsperson’s educational requirements are not quite as thorough. Training, for the most part, is designed and updated by a dedicated council or board, in agreement with a band of industry personnel. Qualifications can be acquired over the course of two years from technical institutions.

The skills set of the two professions is vastly different, though there is some cross-over. The role of an architect primarily involves the conceptualising, designing and building the core structures for people to dwell in. While a lot of their task involves developing pleasing aesthetics, architects should have a greater knowledge of building codes, zone laws and any other regulations.


Highly related, a draftsperson often uses CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) tools to create technically accurate drawings. They also specialise in material usage, dimensions and measurements. For this role, there is a lot of sorting through data in tables, and reading through technical handbooks.

When figuring who you need to contact next when renovating or building your home, it’s important to question the following:

An architects’ fees will be vastly more expensive than that of a draftsperson. This is given their level of know-how in the profession. Knowing this, however, if the work you are seeking to have completed is on a small scale (such as a minor touch-up) then strongly consider bringing in a draftsperson.

From a creative approach, an architect will likely view things differently to a draftsperson. Due to the nature of the role an architect is more likely to get creative and try something exciting and visually beautiful.

The decision as to whether you employ an architect or draftsperson will ultimately reflect a plethora of agendas, factors and client’s priorities. Prior to choosing, mock up a list of variables you would need to take into account. During the design process – is speed important? Precision? Cost? Level of expertise? Aesthetic? Sustainable? What is the scope and scale of your idea?

If you’re looking to find a draftsperson or architect, make sure you talk to one of our expert consultations on 1800 184 284 or book a call online.

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