iBuildNew launches Halper, a house and land packaging and publishing platform

iBuildNew is proud to announce the launch of Halper, a newly released platform for home builders and land developers to efficiently create house and land packages for online publishing. House and land packages are incredibly popular with home buyers, especially those looking to get into the property market for the first time given the convenience and affordability of packages, however, the marketing of such packages has been a complex area for builders and developers to manage. Halper overcomes much of the complexity and administration currently involved in the creation and publishing process for packages.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time for the business to be bringing Halper to the market after more than 2 years of development, but more importantly we are looking forward to helping resolve much of the challenges our clients face with packaging day to day”, says iBuildNew CEO Daniel Peterson. Most builders and developers are relying on labour and manual processes to create and administer house and land packages, or their own less sophisticated and clunky internal systems, and as a result, many of iBuildNew clients end up either carrying excessive costs to manage packages or they do very limited packages given resource constraints.


Daniel added “no longer do builders and developers need to restrict the numbers of packages they create due to the manpower or system constraints involved in building the packages, pricing them, creating the marketing collateral, publishing them across multiple platforms and then administering the listings. Halper makes the process just so efficient that with minimal resources you can market hundreds, or even thousands of packages at any one point in time, while also ensuring the packages are live and not stale”.


The Halper platform has the smarts to identify which home designs fit across new land lots to streamline the selection process and ensure the packages created can also be sold and eventually built. The Halper platform has over 700 land estates from across Australia listed on the system, so narrowing down the blocks of land to be packaging on with a broad range of designs can otherwise be time-consuming. The Halper platform then allows the administrator to quickly price up the packages, create a fully branded brochure, and then submit the package for approval with a supporting workflow process. This ensures that every package that is listed online has been quality control checked.


Getting the created house and land packages online is simple with Halper. “In collaboration with REA and Domain we have enabled feeds and scheduling capability to ensure our clients can publish through to not only iBuildNew.com.au but also the major property portals, in addition to the builders or developers own website”, says Daniel. The Halper platform also has a range of features that allow builders and land developers to collaborate on what land can be accessed for packaging purposes.




Clients of iBuildNew have immediate access to Halper, offering implementation support to onboard users including technical documentation and a range of video content. For more information visit www.ibuildnew.com.au/Halper.

Emily Felton

Following a degree in Marketing, Emily cut her teeth in the world of journalism, writing features for various national publications. Her particular areas of interest are sustainable housing, renovation and good old interior design.


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