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Tips For Sticking To Your Construction Timeline

Beginning construction on your new home can be both an exciting and daunting step in creating your dream home. Having a realistic timeframe for the completion of your project will help take some of the stress out of the building process, for both you and the build team. To help you create the best timeline for your construction (and keep to it), here are several tips to follow:

Choose Your Team & Create Your Plan Early

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It’s never too early to choose your architect or builder and begin planning your home. Choosing your team well before construction will help the building process happen as smoothly as possible when the time comes. Doing this before all your permits means as soon as they’re approved you can get started on construction. The more planning you have done before the build begins, the better everyone will know the plan and their responsibilities.

Pre-Construction Consultancy

A pre-construction consultant can help you with your contracts and pre-approvals, and can even help you with finding the right team to be trusting your construction with. They can also guide you with insurance and permits and can help you develop a realistic timeframe for your build, although these plans need to be made with your architect and builder.

Open Communication With Your Builders & Architects

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These are the people who will be overseeing your build and putting your timeline into action. To understand clearly each stage of your home’s construction, it it important to have an open and clear line of communication with your builder/contractor and architect. This comes back to when you are choosing who to work with, choosing someone who is trustworthy and organised is vital.

Setting Clear Goals

This requires you to have a thorough understanding of what is happening at each stage of the project. In creating your timeline, aim to be as detailed as possible with how much needs to be done at each stage, including packing down and tidying up at certain points. Allow extra time for rooms such as bathrooms and kitchen which require multiple tradespeople, with certain things needing to be done before others. Having a detailed plan also allows you plenty of time to get prepared for each stage, in choosing paints, purchasing fittings and planning decor.

Expecting The Unexpected

In building a new home, there will likely be several hold-ups which are difficult to anticipate, however, there are several factors you can take into consideration. Weather, for example, is something you can consider well in advance, and be prepared for how rain, storms or heat may affect your construction, especially if your area is subject to flooding.

Building Inspections

There will be building inspectors visiting the site to ensure everything is being done safely and according to regulations, which may hold up work if there are any issues. These hold ups may seem frustrating, but they are to ensure that your house is safe and can save you from facing massive costs if there are major flaws. This is another reason to choose a trustworthy builder, as safety breaches could cause a major delay if work needs to be redone.

Decision Making & Avoiding Changes

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One way to avoid building hold ups is to decide on your materials well before they are needed, as changing them during the building process can cause significant delays. There will always be decisions that need to be made on the spot, so if you are building a home with someone else, have a discussion about what to do if problems arise. This way, if you need to make a quick decision or a change of plan, you can find a better solution much quicker having already thought about your options.

How to choose the best block for your new home design.

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