What You Need To Do Before Starting A Knockdown Rebuild Project

Life in a beautiful area with great neighbours and everything you need just a stone’s throw away is a dream. Until your house starts falling apart, doesn’t suit the family anymore or simply isn’t what you want these days. If you’re familiar with this situation, you’re probably considering a knockdown rebuild project.

Before even starting, you should think of whether you want to keep parts of your house and if so, which ones. You might want to keep the garage, carport or conservatory. If that’s the case, you have to make sure the knockdown won’t affect these parts. When approaching this kind of project, you should know the following tips on what to do before it begins:

knockdow rebuild project

Cost & Contract
Once you have a rough idea of what the new home will look like, it’s time to look for a company to support you with your knockdown rebuild project. Even though you could organise most of the knockdown yourself, you are still in need of the expertise of a professional in some matters. They will, for example, help you with the disconnection of gas and electricity services. You definitely want to make sure to choose a reliable company for the whole process. If possible, ask around your friends and contacts as someone might have experience within this matter and recommend a business.

Then it’s time to get an overview of costs. You could ask for an offer from not only one but several companies. Compare them to find out which one offers the best price-performance ratio for you. It’s crucial to negotiate a contract you benefit from. Always remember to read the fine print to make sure it covers all expected costs and doesn’t provide the opportunity to add charges for every little extra that might come up. Even though you’ve then calculated the cost, you should still include a scope in order to be able to cover potential further expenses.

Inform Your Neighbours
An important factor you might not think of are your neighbours. A knockdown rebuild project will come along with noise and inconveniences for them. Therefore, before starting, you should inform them and explain your motivations. After all, you want to keep the peace and comfort in the neighbourhood that made you want to stay in the first place!

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Check Your House For Asbestos
Especially in older houses, chances are high you have asbestos in your home. You want to get that checked by professionals since it can seriously harm your health and has to be removed thoroughly.

In case your knockdown will affect not only the house but also the garden, especially trees, you have to make sure you are allowed to cut them down. Many trees are prohibited from being felled by the government to ensure there are enough green spaces in the area. If that’s the case, make sure you stick to these regulations.

Now that you know about all of the above you’re all ready to start your rebuild-project and create a new beautiful home!

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Lara Ziegler

Lara has always enjoyed experiencing different architectural styles and housing all over the world. She is also interested in interior design and loves to furnish and design rooms.


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