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Why Is A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Vital?

The excitement of acquiring property can overshadow the importance of ensuring a building inspection has taken place before finalizing the purchase. A pre-purchase building inspection needs to be prioritized as buyers ultimately benefit from not blindly entering into an investment. Here are some helpful tips.

pre-purchase building inspection

How Can It Help?
When booking an inspection, the property’s condition is professionally assessed by a qualified inspector who’s able to point out any disadvantages. These include any hidden damages and faults that require repair.

How Much Does It Cost?
Each state has different prices for a pre-purchase building inspection. Inspectors situated in metropolitan areas may likely cost more than those in regional areas. The price usually doesn’t cost more than $600 and may result in buyers saving thousands back. Apart from the relief of your property being safe, an inspection can also keep your savings intact from repairs later on.

How Long Does It Take?
The duration may take a couple of hours. After the inspector finalizes their pre-purchase assessment, a tangible report of the findings is produced. For a few companies, clients are guaranteed to be delivered the report within 24 hours.

What Does The Process Involve?
We have provided a summarised guide on what buyers can expect to be covered during their pre-purchase building inspection.

1.Rules and Regulations
When purchasing a property, it must conform to the Building Codes and Standards of Australia. It is the owner’s responsibility to make sure that the law adheres and to bring the property up to standard. An inspector will conduct an overview of any structural issues or defects that may arise.

2.Possible Repairs
If there are any repairs, they can be brought up and discussed further. In addition to gaining more insight, clients can request quotes from relevant tradespeople. Planning can become smoother by thinking ahead of time and creating a comprehensive budget.

pre-purchase building inspection

3.Safety First
The security of a property can rely on factors such as the functionality of smoke alarms and electric wiring. Injuries and emergency events may be avoided through a proper check. An inspector can provide suggestions on any faults and necessary safety features.

4.Identifying Hazards
A pre-purchase building inspection may reveal any hazards such as the presence of dangerous chemicals and missing railings. This can provide an opportunity for buyers to re-evaluate their decision.

5.The Whole Picture
The entire property is evaluated during an inspection and structures such as patios and sheds are also included. All the features of the building fall under the local council laws that outline where the property is allowed to be placed. An inspector can review that you’re staying in line with regulations.

For New Home Building Inspections…
iBuildNew recommends owners building a new home or buying off the plan to consult Landmark Inspections throughout the build stages or at the very least, just before the handover stage. Click here to request a free quote.

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