How Much Site Access Will I Have During My New Build?

Building a home is one of life’s greatest achievements. Nothing compares to getting on-site and experiencing first-hand your vision coming to life. While seeing each stage of the construction process is extremely exciting, it’s important not to overlook any restrictions of site access enforced by your builder. To help you understand the importance of such restrictions, we’ve broken down how and when you can get site access to your new build…

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Safety First!
During construction, demolition or renovation, it’s inevitable that all types of uncontrolled hazards will be on site. Regulations exist to ensure that only people who have been issued safety and construction inductions are allowed unsupervised access to the site. Even though you’re the owner and you’re eager to see your future home taking shape, this doesn’t change the fact that for occupational, health and safety purposes you’re technically not permitted site access unless you’ve had a full safety induction or you’re accompanied by someone who has!

What If I Enter The Site Unsupervised?
The builder has the responsibility of ensuring that no unauthorized persons are entering the construction site. To deter excited homeowners from unsupervised site access, each state has legislation imposing VERY steep fines. In the event that you are caught (or worse, injured!) on-site, the builder has the right to remove you.

How Does The Builder Keep Out Unauthorized People?
Your builder will normally erect a temporary fence around the site, which is at least 1.8 metres high and also secure, hard to climb and difficult to gain access through the bottom.

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What About My Inspection Rights?
You have the right to inspect the site and property or to have a technical advisor carry out inspections during construction on your behalf. In order to do so, however, you usually need to arrange for site access through the builder. As a consumer, your access rights will vary depending upon your state of residence, but generally, the builder will provide ‘reasonable’ access to the site. How ‘reasonable’ is interpreted is often reliant upon whether you have complied with the builder’s regulations and not caused any untimely interferences to the construction process. If you have indeed caused a delay, any additional costs arising from this will be your responsibility!

When Does Handover Occur?
Once the house reaches the lock-up stage, you’ve completed the final inspections and you’re satisfied with any rectifications, your builder can then apply for an Occupancy Permit. A building certifier will assess the property and decide if it complies with all necessary regulations before issuing an Occupancy Permit. Handover officially occurs when your builder passes this permit on to you.

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