What Does it Cost to Build a Home? How can I Prepare for it?

The cost to build a home can be extremely complicated with individuals often having to incorporate unexpected costs into their budgets. How do you plan for the unexpected? Perhaps this list could be of service, as we take down the 8 most expensive and unexpected costs to build a home, and how to allocate them into your budget?

Soil and contour tests
Before any builder or building company begins any plans for construction on your site, a soil and contour test will need to be carried out to examine the quality of the land. An inevitable aspect of the cost to build a home, this consists of drilling three holes into the soil. If the land is rocky, you could see an increase in your budget costs. The latter test examines the slope of your property. The bigger the slope, the more work it will require to level it which will also inflate your budget.

Site costs
This will heavily rely on your soil and contour tests, and how much extra work will it require to ensure the land is safe and levelled enough to build on. Moreso, extra costs for the site could include difficulty getting there. If trees need to be cut down to either build your house on, for example, you can expect a higher cost to your budget.

Many builders will only include the cost of building to their quote, so perhaps you should consider the cost of a driveway on top of your budget to get a clear understanding of your budget. Driveways can be an expensive additional cost. It may be an idea to keep your driveway as gravel as a cheaper temporary alternative until you can afford to build your driveway with concrete.

Land Registration
Make sure your land has been previously registered. Unregistered lands will most definitely exceed budget expectations, as you need to plan for plumbing, sewage and electricity as well. Check with the city council or with your builders to get more accurate details over your land registration.

Closing Roads or Interruptions
Depending on your site location, or what the builders are required to install during construction, road closing and causing traffic interruption will come with extra fees, which you will need to take up with your local council or state government. Discuss this matter with your builders to find out if it’s something you need to be aware of.

Bushfire Threats
Check your BAL – Bushfire Attack Level – whilst planning your budget to build your home. If your site is near national parks or a very bushy area, you might need to install a few things in your home for cautionary purposes, which will ultimately lead to a surprise increase to your budget. Check your BAL rating, and make sure you build your home as safely as possible.

Flooding Threats
Just like your BAL rating, you need to find out if your site is in any danger of flooding. If your land is a flood-prone area, you must take the necessary precautions during construction to be able to stop your unit being completely destroyed by a flood. Unfortunately, these necessary precautions can add costs that individuals don’t consider when looking at the cost to build a home.

When assessing the cost to build a home, it pays to factor in the cost of flooring when setting out your budget. Some materials are significantly more expensive than others, ceramic floors, for example, cost a lot more than vinyl. You may wish to opt for a cheaper material or factor in additional flooring costs when planning your budget to avoid any nasty surprises towards the end of your project.

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Aly Houssien

Egyptian-born Aussie with a passion for sports, over 5 years of copywriting experience in several industries, Aly specialises in renovation and home improvement.


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