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Moving Tips: Reduce Stress & Make A Smooth Transition

The process of moving into a new home comes with excitement and joy, but also a lot of stress. In order to reduce this stress, especially on moving day, we’ve gathered some moving tips for you to stick to when preparing for your big day.

moving tips

Pick A Date

One of the most important moving tips is to make sure to choose the right day or days for you to move. For full-time workers, a weekend might seem like the best time to do so. But, consider taking one or two days off and move during the week as this comes with a few advantages. For one, young children are at daycare or school. And also, moving companies often charge significantly less on a weekday. When choosing a date, don’t forget to think of any other upcoming events that might get in the way of moving.

Preparation Is Key

Once you’ve chosen the perfect date for your move, you have to start preparing for the big day. As thorough preparation can massively reduce the stress on moving day, you should invest in it. One major factor is a good moving company. You could, of course, try to get most of the work done by yourself but professional help can make a huge difference in how quick and easy a move can pass off. When choosing a company to work with, ask your friends and neighbours for a reliable one or inform yourself about nearby companies on the internet. Another crucial moving tip is to make sure you have all the essentials ready.  Therefore, make lists of what you need to stay on top of things. Include anything you have to get done beforehand as well as the necessities needed for moving day.

moving tips

Clean Out

Another important moving tip is to get rid of any old or unnecessary stuff from the old home early on. Donate clothes, toys or even furniture that you don’t want or need anymore. Or, if you can use the extra money, sell your belongings online, at a local flea market or have a garage sale. Having sorted your things out means fewer boxes to carry on moving day and less storage space wasted in the new home.

The Big Day

When the big day has finally come, it is going to be more or less stressed and rushed no matter how well you are prepared. But try not to overdo yourself. Whether you’re running behind on your time schedule or only now realize the bed doesn’t fit the new bedroom as seamlessly as planned, take enough breaks to calm down and make sure you have enough ‘me time’  in the whole process of moving. And always remember, it’s totally normal for not everything to go down the way you expect it to.

Now that you know the most important moving tips, we hope your move will be as easy-going as possible and you’ll be able to enjoy the new home to the fullest.

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