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How To: Safely Move House During COVID-19

Due to current everchanging events, many Australians have been questioning whether or not moving to a new home during the coronavirus pandemic is safe. There are currently many regulations and advice regarding how the public and businesses should be handling their affairs during these times.

Removalist and delivery services were deemed essential by the government. Majority of removalist businesses have adapted some consistent strategies and protocols among themselves to be compliant with current regulations. Read on to find out about the more common changes implemented regarding moving to a new home during the coronavirus pandemic. 

moving to a new home during the coronavirus pandemic

Contactless Moves
Contactless means customers are asked to either vacate the property during the move or stay in their rooms to maintain appropriate social distancing. All communication with staff can be achieved via phone, as well as leaving specific instructions and maps on where items should be placed. You may be asked to either leave your doors open prior to staff arriving or leaving the key to property in an accessible safe place.

Health and Safety Procedures
Moving to a new home during the coronavirus pandemic can be extremely stressful. Homeowners will be at ease knowing that the companies are keeping up to date with all the relevant health and safety protocols released by the Australian government. This includes vigorous hygiene, handwashing, provision of protective personal equipment to staff (hand sanitiser, gloves, face masks), and routine vehicle disinfection.

moving to a new home during the coronavirus pandemic

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Social Distancing
You will not be allowed to assist the movers with any item handling during your house move. If you originally booked one mover for your job because you were going to help them with moving items, perhaps consider changing your job booking to two removalists. Most companies only allow two staff members per job to reduce potential health risks involved. This means that some jobs may take longer to complete due to this reduction.

Due to the move being contactless, many companies are not accepting cash and EFTPOS payments. Therefore, be ready to provide credit card information over the phone, and all the relevant documentation most likely will be exchanged electronically.

moving to a new home during the coronavirus pandemic

What you can do
Removalist companies are recommending postponing your house move if it is not essential due to the coronavirus and its associated health risks. Also, advise the removalist company of any personal circumstances such as recent overseas travel, or any suspected symptoms. Remember, most companies are currently not charging any cancellation fees to discourage all non-essential moving.

Sanitize items and areas that the movers most likely will be touching such as doorknobs and items that must be moved. Leave a door open to a room where movers can wash their hands to keep up with health and safety recommendations.

Keep in mind that people over 70 years old may be asked to vacate the property during the move for their own safety. If you deem supervision of the move essential, consider assigning anyone such as a family member that can overlook the job. 

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