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Helpful Tips For Staging Your Home For Sale

Staging your home refers to the process of enhancing your home in order to showcase its maximum potential to prospective buyers. Completing the process of staging your home can strengthen its selling value. Depending on the current state of your home, the process may seem like an overwhelming task, however, using the following tips and focusing on your home’s key selling points will help you stage your home for sale!

Step 1: Clean & Declutter
The tiniest stain or imperfection can throw off prospective buyers. When cleaning, focus on the bathroom and the kitchen, where many buyers are on the lookout for newer looking fixtures and appliances. Decluttering is also important as a build-up of clutter can detract buyers from appreciating the interior features of your home and can give the unfortunate impression of a lack of space. Furthermore, remove any lingering odours from your house by burning candles or installing subtle room deodorisers.

staging your home

Home Design: Lexington 32 by Plantation Homes

Step 2: Flooring
In order to really maximise the selling potential of your home, switch out those carpet and linoleum floors for hardwood. Whilst this may be costly for a home staging, hardwood floors are low maintenance and universally appealing. In kitchens and bathrooms, opt for ceramic tile or stone, but if you’re strapped for cash, go with high-quality vinyl tiles.

Step 3: Lighting
When staging your home, open up all the curtains and blinds to take advantage of your home’s natural lighting. Take this opportunity to fix or replace any broken or outdated lighting fixtures and add supplemental lighting features.

staging your home

Home Design: Merricks 42 by Metricon

Step 4: Mind the cracks
Cracks in the wall or on the ceiling not only look bad but may alert prospective buyers to potential problems in the foundation of the house. Even if these cracks and blemishes are anomalies or simply the harmless result of family living, repairing these blemishes when staging your home will placate prospective buyers.

Step 5: The Exterior
The first impression of your home begins with the exterior. In order to spruce up the exterior, start with the gardens – mow your lawn, remove weeds and trim any overgrown hedges. Clean the windows and consider adding flower boxes or small potted plants to windowsills. Clean up your outdoor living space and rearrange and clean outdoor furniture as needed. Finally, if you have a pool, ensure it is pristine clean!

staging a home

Home Design: CR03 42 by Glenvill Homes

Step 6: The Finishing Touches
Before showcasing your home to the general public, don’t forget about the final touches that will further enhance the appearance of your home. Planting fresh flowers, airing the house and replacing used towels with new, plush and well-folded towels in the bathrooms will finish the process of staging your home.

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Grace Wang

Grace is a recent graduate of Monash University, where she studied Arts and Science. She is a property, architecture and interior design enthusiast.


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