Big Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

As we accumulate more and more belongings, it is easy to run out of storage space in the house, especially if you are living in a small area. However, this is a great opportunity to include some creative storage techniques in order to maximise the limited room. Without having to throw away all your necessities or going through the effort of decluttering, here are a few storage ideas that can open up more space.

Shelve It Away
Bedside tables and nightstands can easily be filled up with piles of things that no longer fit inside the drawers but still need to be put away. A simple storage idea would be to invest in adding a shelving unit instead. By keeping it at a smaller size and adapting an airy style with some baskets, it will make the place have a neat look without being an eyesore. You can also have all your essentials ready and easily accessible for the next day. Books and magazines stack up quickly and can be left scattered on the floor but by having slim shelves lined up vertically on the wall, you are able to welcome an organised display.

storage ideaImage: Apartment Therapy

Say Yes To Multi-Purpose
Benches and couches that come with more compartments can make a huge difference, particularly when inviting guests over. A fold-out sofa bed and other furniture that serve a dual purpose can transform the entire flow of the house while also making the cleaning process more bearable. When selecting dressers for the living room, tactically aim for ones that have multiple drawers that can store more than just electronics as you may want more storage for books, photo albums and even clothing.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Unfortunately, there are only so many clothes you can fit in the closet before its time to accept that it has reached its full capacity. An alternative storage idea that won’t require a major renovation haul, is setting up some racks or stands and placing them behind curtains. In addition to making it a more visually pleasing room, you are able to segregate what is needed on a daily basis and what can be tucked away for safekeeping. Wardrobes, closets, walls and the back of doors are all ideal places to hang removable or permanent hooks. By making use of the current space, you don’t have to purchase any new furniture as you are able to easily hang up jackets, towels and shoes with ease.

storage idea

Built-In Unit
If there is a stretch of wall available, you can make the most of it by strategically placing some drawers or shelves in front of it to make it look like a built-in facility. Rather than putting up new wallpaper or some artwork, you can utilise the storage unit to add some colour by adding decorative pieces or a patterned display. Pull-out drawers are also a convenient storage idea as they can blend in along the stairs or as part of the bed frame, keeping the house consistently tidy.

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Davina Deluao

Davina graduated from Swinburne University with a Bachelor of Arts. Through travelling and studying abroad in NYC and LA, her interests for property and design grew and have become her strong pursuit.


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