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5 Ways to Create a Bohemian Style Inspired Room

Blending influences and elements from various cultures and eras, the Bohemian style exudes a sense of freedom, individuality and creativity. Originally referring to travellers from the central-eastern European region of Bohemia, the term ‘Boho’ traditionally described those who adopted an eccentric and nomadic way of living. In recent years, however, Boho has seen somewhat of a reemergence, with the ‘chic chaos’ of its style proving especially popular when it comes to contemporary interior design. With its vintage pieces, luxe finishings and contrasting patterns, the style, for all it’s free-form and randomness, does present some common themes. Learn how to capture that bohemian essence and infuse your space with a touch of the eclectic with our top 5 tips below…

bohemian style(Image Source: Decoholic Interior Design)

Decorate with rugs
Not only do rugs create the perfect backdrop for the rich luxe of boho furnishings, but they also add warmth and texture to your space. Source plush, vintage rugs with a slightly worn-in look, or, alternatively, opt for something with a coarser texture and unique tassels. Remember, Bohemian style is all about bold colours and patterns that elevate a bland room or offset a neutral palette.

Source unique light fittings
Handmade rustic light fittings are a staple of this design style. Think wooden tribal or Artisan-made fittings – something that easily casts decorative shadows and creates a cosy, yet worldly interior. Don’t forget about the table and floor lamps though! Opt for heavy styles with cut glass or ceramic beads to carry the mix-match bohemian style throughout your entire room.

Create texture
Contrasting fabrics and textures are key to achieving the relaxed and effortless appeal of bohemian style. Play around with rich velvets and rougher linens in different colours, and invest in plump armchairs and lounges with overstuffed cushions in warmer shades. Consider accentuating with heavy kaftans and throws with traditional ikat, tribal, floral and mandala patterns.

bohemian style(Image Source:

Find the right accessories
It’s the little touches that add character to a room and bring your Boho look to life! Decorate your space with macrame wall hangings, vibrantly coloured dream-catchers and uniquely framed mirrors. Cluster crystals and decorative lanterns together and give your room a boho aroma with incense and scented candles. With this style, the more you have the better!

Add indoor plants
Complete your Bohemian-inspired look with artfully placed indoor plants. While indoor plants harmonise perfectly with antique and vintage furnishings, they also carry the added benefit of purifying and cleaning the air! Opt for Kentia plants, fiddle-leaf figs and smaller cactuses to create an earthy aesthetic and bring the natural beauty of nature into your home.

bohemian style(Image Source:

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