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A Clean Slate: Decluttering Your Kids Bedroom

Children’s bedrooms can be a nightmare to declutter, especially since these rooms almost never seem to stay clean. You walk through a bunch of lego’s and it never seems to end! Declutter kids bedroom with our helpful tips (and get them involved too):

declutter kids bedroom

Image: Homes To Love

Tip #1: Involve the kids

It is their room after all. Kids are usually willing to participate, especially if you make the process of decluttering the bedroom fun. Additionally, by involving kids in the decluttering and organizing process, they will feel more inclined to keep their space tidy on their own, or at the very least, they will know where their things belong.

Tip #2: Remove unwanted items

Items on the bedroom floor can pile up simply because your kids may be unaware of the validity of decluttering items that are no longer useful like old toys or ill-fitting clothes. To make this process easier, tell your kids that their unwanted items are ‘going to a new home’ instead of simply being ‘thrown away’. This small change in language will inspire both cleanliness and charity.

declutter kids bedroom

Image: Jessica Cain

Tip #3: Utilise a concrete storage system 

Effective and stylish organisational systems create a place for kids to keep all their toys, craft items and other knick-knacks. For primary school-aged kids, good organisational systems are cubbies, which are spacious and replicate the organizational systems in place at school, making at-home organisation a more intuitive process.

Tip #4: Use decor to define room boundaries 

It can be easy for items in a kid’s bedroom to gradually accumulate without any organisation or sense of place. Using simple decors, such as rugs under tables or beds, can create subtle sections within a room, thus subconsciously reminding kids that certain areas of the room are for certain activities, for example, messy crafts should be done at the table.

declutter kids bedroom

Image: Alyssa Rosenheck

Tip #5: Lead by example 

Kids mirror what parents do, whether good or bad. If the rest of the house is cluttered and disorganised, then your children may be under the impression that it’s normal for living spaces to be cluttered. This then makes it that much harder for kids to stay motivated to declutter their bedroom. If you want to lead by example, ensure that your house remains decluttered. This too can subconsciously motivate your children to declutter their own bedrooms.

The process of decluttering your kids’ bedroom is a teaching opportunity as much as it is a logistical one. It’s understandable that as a parent, you might want to go ahead and clean their bedroom yourself as involving young kids in this process can turn an otherwise simple task into a psychological battle. However, taking that extra time to motivate your kids to keep their bedrooms decluttered will pay dividends in the long run.

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Grace Wang

Grace is a recent graduate of Monash University, where she studied Arts and Science. She is a property, architecture and interior design enthusiast.


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