3 Essential Tips to Remember When Visiting a Display Homes

Display homes let you see and experience what a particular layout and interior design can do for you. However, because it is designed to awe and inspire, you must keep a discerning eye when checking out every feature and inclusion. You see, not everything it presents can work for you, aesthetically or practically.

While display homes give you the feeling of what it is like to step foot into your next possible home, it is essential that you ponder over certain factors to make sure that the house you are moving in is the best for you. Here are the top three questions to think about:

Is The Floor Plan Suitable For You?

Remember that you will be living in this place day to day for many years to come. You should be comfortable with the size, space, and overall layout of the house. The display home you like may not complement the neighbourhood, zoning regulations, or the block of property you own.

Consider how many people will be staying in the house, and if your home can accommodate everyone. The same is true if you intend to live on the same property from being single to having a family. Also, you have to ensure that everyone moving in with you will have their own sense of personal space (aside from the common areas of the house). Thus, it is important to take a good look at the floor plan and compare it with your needs and wants at present and in the future.

How Is The Actual Home Different From The Display Home?

Agents would make sure that the display home will attract potential buyers. Hence, they would decorate it with objects and add-ons on top of the standard features. Ask the agents upfront about what actually comes with your purchase, and which ones come with an extra price.

If you only have a limited budget, it is best to know which features you should avoid falling in love with, especially when they cost way more than what you can afford. Or, you can make a compromise: sacrifice a few functional features for a bit of luxurious indulgence. Keep in mind that a display home is just a model; the actual house might be a little different.

Is the Price Worth Your Purchase?

Carefully think through if the money you are spending for the house you have chosen is worth the features you will get. You also have to think of your set budget to make sure that you don’t go beyond it. However, you can make a few exceptions if the additional upgrade is really necessary. This is why you must allocate the right amount of time to analyse the price and the overall value of the display home.

Checkout our favourite display homes around the country in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth.

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