Tips To Boost Your Kerb Appeal

Written by Dacland

Did you know your landscaping and garden aesthetic can have a significant impact on the value of your home? Quite often when building, the significance of your landscaping is devalued or overlooked, particularly when setting a budget. That’s why we think Dacland’s Great Garden Promise is a great incentive to help you create the perfect garden for your new home.

Dacland’s Great Garden Promise entices purchasers at Wynbrook in Wyndham Vale to add value to their front garden landscaping by offering a $3000 cash rebate to purchasers who follow their design guidelines. The Great Garden Promise incentive promotes high quality, landscaped front gardens and nature strips that create neighbourhood character and increase the value of all homes in the Wynbrook community. The great garden promise essentially creates a premium, tree-lined streetscape where the properties and their landscapes complement both each other and the overall community.

If you’re already planning how to spend the $3000 cash rebate, here are five smart ways to maximise impact with your landscaping and boost your kerb appeal.

Enhance Your House Plan


1. Geometry shapes the overall harmony:

When you start planning your new landscaping project, make sure that you keep the following in mind to create a cohesive front yard that works well with the house plan:

  • Remember that the biggest element on your lawn is the house itself
  • Recognise the strength of good proportions to create balance without compromising emphasis on the individual elements that make your property look enticing.
  • Take advantage of shapes, masses, spacing, and colours that can complement the size and appearance of your home.
  • When expertly placed, shrubs, flowers, trees, yard decor, and ornate pathways will highlight the property’s beauty from all angles.

2. Think of year-round beauty

For consistent kerb appeal that emphasises your stunning house plan, you don’t want a garden that only looks perfect when it’s spring or summer and would look foreboding, neglected, or haunted during winter or fall. Invest in perennial plants that look good in all seasons and can always provide a warm, inviting atmosphere.

3. Welcome guests and occupants with flawless transitions


Landscaping isn’t only about visuals; it’s also about the feel. The journey from the street to your front door (and vice versa) should be smooth and pleasant for your kerb appeal to give a lasting impression. Be mindful of the whole experience; think of ways where you can switch up the scenery without breaking the flow of the walk. Make sure the pathways provide a clear direction so visitors and residents can always see where to go.

4. Provide room for growth

If you have trees and perennials on your garden, consider giving them plenty of space to spread when they grow larger and older, or they will appear squeezed up and overcrowded. Properly spacing your plants also prevents them from competing with each other for food and nourishment, especially in times of drought. Get to know your plants by researching how wide and how high they will become when they mature. Don’t worry if at first they look sparse; in time, they will fill their beds, giving your garden a healthy, clean, and well cared-for look. Depending on the plants, the ideal spacing to insure good coverage and growth is a minimum of 3 plants per square metre.

5. Less is more: the power of low maintenance


A yard that looks good doesn’t mean it should be high maintenance. There are plenty of pretty plants that require less upkeep, which can attract future tenants or potential buyers. Even if you have a green thumb and a passion for nature, gardening is still a time consuming and unrelenting task, and it can become a huge chore. With all the jobs associated with it, such as weeding, trimming the grass, and more, not everyone has the time or budget to keep the landscape spotless. For better kerb appeal, take a more realistic approach. Think of plants that can take care of themselves, such as Corymbia Ficifolia ‘Red Flowering Gum’, Viola Hederacea ‘Native Violet’, and Acmena Smithii ‘Cherry Surprise’.

Creating a beautiful landscape for your new home is something that is worth the effort and extra cost.

Find out more information about the Wynbrook $3000 landscape package directly from their website.

iBuildNew is here to provide advice for anyone looking to build a new house. So feel free to give our expert phone consultants a call on 1800 184 284 and they will endeavour to answer your questions.


Ben is a passionate home renovator who is forever making improvements around the home and garden


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