How To Create The Perfect Bathroom Design For Your Family

A family bathroom is probably the busiest room in every home and has to fulfil many requirements. It has to provide enough storage for everyone’s matters, make getting ready in the morning fast and easy and look presentable to any family and friends coming over. In order to make all of the above possible, you can go by the following tips and tricks on how to create the perfect bathroom design for your family:

It All Starts With The Right Facilities!
When beginning to plan your family bathroom, you have many decisions to make and factors to consider. You want to make sure you use the space given as versatile as possible. The first question to come to mind is whether to include a shower or a bath. When deciding on this, you should think of space, cost, and appearance for your bathroom design. In case you have very little space, a shower might be the better solution. If you have enough extra space and also young kids at home, a bath may be the better solution for you. Detailed information on the options in this matter can be found here.

We all know that, especially in the morning, every minute counts when getting ready. For a whole family, a washstand with two sinks can help in a rush since it allows several people to use the bathroom at once without getting in each other’s way. Also, a detached toilet improves not only the time management in the bathroom but also the aesthetics of the room. Yet another feature that has to be adapted to the family is the bathroom flooring. With young children, you should choose one that is neither too slippery nor too delicate.

Create Storage Room Wherever Possible
Once you have completed your bathroom facilities, you should focus on optimizing the interior bathroom design. Accommodating all the family’s bath utensils can be a challenge. We all know about the tons of cosmetics teenage kids come along with. That’s why you’ll have to apply clever storage organization for your bathroom design. Apart from the common mirror cupboards or cabinets below the sink, think of also using other space available for storage. You can use the back of the bathroom door or the spaces above doors and windows. You can even hang a small shelf above the toilet wall.

Especially in the matutinal hurry, you don’t want to waste time looking for that one shampoo you love to use so much. To make life easier, you can organize the whole family’s belongings in separate containers such as little baskets. By labelling or colouring them, the kids will remember their own. This system can also be adapted to towel hooks or cups for toothbrushes.

bathroom design

Image: Ikea

Bring The Playground To Your Own Four Walls
Once you have created an efficient nice looking bathroom, you can also think of ways to make your bathroom design great fun for the kids. There are endless possibilities to lighten up the room by adding some colour to the walls or the floor. Otherwise, you can get toys for the shower/bath or other fun accessories and voila – your bathroom becomes a delight for the whole family.

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Lara Ziegler

Lara has always enjoyed experiencing different architectural styles and housing all over the world. She is also interested in interior design and loves to furnish and design rooms.


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