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Flooring Ideas To Consider For Your New Home Build

Flooring is an all-important aspect of interior design. Your choice of material will inform the home’s comfort, functionality and aesthetic appeal. Unfortunately, there is no one perfect flooring solution; different surfaces present unique perks and challenges. For best results, select flooring based on the intended use of your space. To assist with the process, we have weighed up the pros and cons of three popular flooring ideas to consider:


When properly installed, tiles are tough. They are renowned for their longevity, as well as their water and weight resistance. Their lifespan ranges from ten to twenty years. Often used in industrial environments, concrete tiles are particularly suited to high-traffic, dynamic households. However, when improperly sealed, concrete tiles are susceptible to water damage, mildew and fracturing.

In this category, tiles underperform during the cooler months. They cannot retain heat. Braving the bathroom floor in winter is a struggle universally endured. At an extra cost, under-tile heating is an option. However, tiled floors are a fantastic passive design technique to cool your home as the temperature climbs. It is also important to note their allergy-friendly quality. Given their hard surfaces, tiles are unable to harbour dust, mites or animal hair!

Flooring ideas tilesImage: Pinterest: Mandarin Stone

Low-maintenance is a particular perk of this material. Given their durability, tiled floors require minimal upkeep. If one cracks, it can be easily lifted and replaced.

Aesthetic appeal
Tiles are sophisticated and versatile. When considering flooring ideas, their design potential is thrilling. Ceramic tiles can be stunningly arranged into intricate patterns. Natural tiles will bring neutral, grounding colours and textures to your space. Concrete tiles look suave and polished.


High-quality, hard-wearing timber is one of the toughest flooring materials. Timber floors present an expensive upfront cost. However, their longevity pays dividends.

Softer underfoot than tiles, timber is a giving material. It is also soundproof. However, this surface does not retain heat well. If you feel like splashing more on already expensive flooring, rugs are an easy and aesthetic solution.

Flooring ideas timberImage: Pinterest: Karndean Design Flooring

Timber is relatively simple to upkeep. However, hardwood floors do require periodic re-finishing to prevent moisture damage, blemishing or scratching.

Aesthetic appeal
This is where timber outperforms every other flooring variety. The range of natural Australian hardwoods available is stunning. Timber will contribute a warmth, sophistication and golden ambience to your home.


Not all carpets are created equal. It is important to note that the specific fibre you choose will inform the look, feel and durability of your flooring. Due to their elasticity and strength, wool varieties are a fantastic option for a highly-frequented space. Nylon is also a front-runner in terms of durability. Polyester hardens quickly, so avoid using this fibre in the hallway or living room.

It is also important to note the ‘pile’ of your carpet. Cut-pile is plush and luxurious underfoot but easily flattened and less hardy. A loop-pile carpet is more functional.

When thinking of flooring ideas, comfort is an obvious advantage of carpet. Cushy and warm underfoot, this flooring solution also provides a measure of insulation to the home. Additionally, in a household with young children, carpet mitigates the risk of falling and provides a padded play-space. It is also an effective soundproofing measure.

It is a truth widely acknowledged that dust, pollen and animal hair will snuggle into carpets. However, many fibres can actually act as a filtration system for the home. Specifically, wool and wool blends work to trap airborne contaminants.  

Flooring ideas carpet Image: Carpetright

Carpet flooring has a short lifecycle and maintenance presents a challenge. This surface is easily stained, hardened and flattened. Additionally, over time it can become odorous as spills are absorbed into the under-fabric.

Aesthetic Appeal
In terms of design, the sheer variety of carpet makes it a thrilling flooring solution. The options are limitless: luxe monochromes, funky patterns, or sisal for a wholesome, rustic aesthetic.

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