Home Ideas: Transform Your Space Into A Spiritual Retreat

Amidst the mounting pressures of modern life, we increasingly prioritize mindfulness and wellbeing practices. However, too often, the home is overlooked as an opportunity to reflect and extend this wellness ethos. Instead, we bring the practicalities and tension of the work-day into our personal space. Transforming your house into a sensory sanctuary is the first step to reinstating a work-life balance. Reimagine your home as a spiritual retreat and transform your space with these five simple home ideas!

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1.    Declutter
Our obsession with ‘stuff’ creates visual chaos, emotional stress and housework. For too many of us, luxe accommodation means a rare opportunity to enjoy sparse surfaces and a visible floor. Creating a minimalist space is the simplest and most effective method of reducing distraction and achieving that ‘retreat feel’. Life is overwhelming enough, make your home a haven.

2.    Luxury linen
The sensation of sinking into plush Egyptian cotton after a day’s travel is unparalleled. High-end linen might prove costly upfront, but it will pay dividends in comfort and aesthetic appeal. Higher thread counts are also incredibly durable, lightweight, breathable and easily cared for. A crisp white is timeless and calming. We spend a third of our lives in bed, make the most of it.

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3.    Neutral Tones
Glaring primary colours act as stressors, agitating and stimulating the mind. At home, neutral palettes are most effective as a visual cue to decompress. The retreat aesthetic is all about bringing the textures and colours of the natural space inside. Your indoors should be in dialogue with the outdoors. Allow for as much natural light and ventilation as possible to filter through the house. Take advantage of nature’s grounding properties by using timber, stone tiling or sisal carpeting on your surfaces. Incorporating greenery into your space is also a fabulous relaxation strategy, offering both beauty and natural air filtration.

4.    A stately soak
An indulgent bath is the centrepiece of any personal retreat. Submergence in warm water can calm the nervous system, reducing cortisol levels and boosting mood. Tub size is key; the bigger the better. Once you have secured a roomy bath, add trimmings. Some at home ideas for a resort-worthy soak include Epsom-salts, essential oils, scented candles, reading material and dimmer lights.


5.    Put it in practice
Home ideas for retreat living don’t just end with decoration. How one functions within the space is equally crucial to their home’s energy. When arriving from work, take time to acknowledge the front-door as a threshold. As a physical cue to decompress, make a habit of removing shoes, coats and bags here. Where possible, tuck technology away. Use sensory stimulation to ground yourself within the space, this might include relaxing music or incense. If made routine enough, this process should subconsciously communicate to your body that it is time to unwind.

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Nikki Sitch

Nikki is completing a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in English and Creative Writing. When not studying, she is rearranging her share-house according to the latest interior trends.


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