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Interior Design Ideas: Dreamy Ways To Decorate With Flowers

Although winter may have well and truly arrived, it doesn’t mean that the darkness and dreariness of the colder weather has to prevail. It’s time to bring some life back into your home with fresh flowers! Embrace the colour, fragrance and warmth a beautiful arrangement can deliver and check out our top interior design ideas for creatively incorporating flowers into your space…

interior design ideasImage: Not On the High Street

1. Opt For a Single Stem
If you’re after interior design ideas that are still classy, yet absent the hassle of a full bouquet, then single stem displays could be the way to go for you. Transfer several single stem roses or flowers of your choice into multiple small vases and group them together for a perfectly mismatched look.

2. Make It Luxe
One of the easiest ways to lift a room and convey a sense of style and sophistication is with beautiful vases and displays of flowers. Whether you make use of dainty china teacups or place that expensive vase in full view, flowers, such as roses and gerberas, displayed simply, yet elegantly add a refreshing touch to a space that is dull or lacking. Think beyond artificial flowers in old wine bottles and consider unconventional handpicked vases from your local market or antique store.

3. Keep It One Colour
If you prefer sleek coordination to artful arrangements then consider opting for flowers in the same shade. For subtle elegance choose pure white, or for a vibrant, bold touch add a bright pink or yellow to your space. Select a colour that works with the palette of the room and place one large bunch or cluster smaller arrangements throughout.

interior design ideasImage: Vogue

4. Upsize
Not all flower displays need to be small and dainty. Fill extra-large vases with sunflowers, ginger flowers, Waratahs, banksias or any other style of a plant with large sculptural leaves. Weigh down your vases with ornamental stones and display in hallways and entryways for a burst of colour to brighten up what is traditionally a plainer and blander space.

5. Get Creative With a Floral Wall
For a truly creative interior design ideas, consider constructing a floral wall. While it might be a little time-consuming, nothing oozes boho chic quite like this unique, handmade structure. Start your design by creating a flowing wall of blooms hanging from a sculptural branch or metal arch and fill in the space with lots of greenery. Whether it be for everyday decoration or a special occasion, this structure definitely brings the wow-factor!

6. Skip The Paintings and Add Flowers to your Actual Wall!
To create this unique look, opt for different sized frames in a copper or gold colour and hang at staggered intervals for a perfectly organised mismatched style. Using thin wire or branches attach the ends to the rear of the frames and thread or glue your flowers to the wire or branches. Make use of leafy greens and fake moss to hide any blank space and emphasise the colour of your chosen flowers.

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Are you tossing up between interior design ideas for your new home and aren’t sure where to begin? Speak to one of our experts on 1800 184 284 or book a call online for a free consultation!

Kaylah Chesson

Kaylah is completing her final year of a Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Laws degree at Deakin University. Her particular areas of interest include property and land law, home design and the creative arts.


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