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Kitchen Cabinet Details That Will Make You Say “Wow”!

Impressive Cabinet Options
One of the most striking features of any home’s interior are the cabinets. Cabinets stand out from the wall in a three-dimensional way which draws attention. If they’re boxy, poorly covered, basic, or don’t fit in the space, that has a definite effect on the viewer. For those who live in a house, or visit it, psychologically, nice cabinets will produce a more comfortable state of being.

Today’s options in terms of cabinetry are diverse. You can get cabinets which aren’t technically cabinets, as they don’t have doors or shelves, but are more appropriate spaces within a piece of furniture that can be used for storage. There are cabinets with glass doors, and there are cabinets with filigree handles.

Check out this solid wood kitchen cabinet from Best Online Cabinets. It’s got a lot of class and potential, certainly “wow”-worthy. However, that raises an interesting question: are “wow”-worthy cabinets going to be the same across the board? Of course not! Different people have different preferences and will purchase accordingly. If you’re going to find the best cabinets for you, the most “wow”-worthy additions to your home, you’ll need to take into account a few factors. This article will explore a few considerations you might want to make before you make any purchases!

The RTA Component
“Wow”-worthy cabinets can be had for many reasons, one of which might be their size and utility when compared against the entryway to a home. The “wow” factor might be something as simple as: how in the world did you get that cabinet arrangement in 
this room?

RTA stands for Ready To Assemble. RTA cabinetry has greater versatility to many homeowners. It can be purchased to order, and you can make it fit for diverse spaces. Certainly, not all kitchen layouts will fit all RTA options, but you’re a lot more likely to find effective solutions here than you are through non-RTA. You can also get bigger cabinets. An RTA cabinet option can be assembled within your home. This means that other options which you wouldn’t be able to enjoy in your kitchen are now available to you. Especially for kitchens in tight spaces, going the RTA route makes a lot of sense.

Additionally, those who provide them have options in all manner of style, colour, and arrangement. They have to, as homeowners are very diverse. Naturally, they won’t have everything, but they’re more likely to have selections which fit your needs than many other furniture providers. Also, transportation and shipping aren’t so big an issue.

Mobile Cabinetry
There’s also this “wow” option to consider: cabinets which can be moved. Oftentimes cabinetry is built into the walls of a home. It will be secured to the floor, it will be secured to walls, or whatever else makes the most sense. However, some kitchens can be so penultimately customized that you can move cabinets around as it suits you.

Naturally, there are advantages and disadvantages. Mobile cabinets tend to be part of furniture pieces which are exceptionally heavy. They have to be, so you don’t knock them over when you bump into them. However, you can take such storage solutions with you if you move. Should you be in a smaller home, or travel regularly, this can be a fine “wow”-worthy option. Additionally, you can always rearrange things as it suits you when it suits you if that’s something you want to do. However, in terms of scalability and structural integrity, this may not be the best choice.

Backsplashes Under Cabinets And Over Sinks
How “wow”-worthy a cabinet arrangement is rests not solely on the cabinets themselves. A backsplash is a much more interesting aesthetic choice than just a blank wall. However, you want to do a backsplash right. Colour schemes need to match the overall aesthetics of the kitchen. You don’t want anything to clash if you can avoid it. Also, the same sort of thinking can be worth considering as you design your bathroom cabinetry.

Tile backsplashes over sinks and under bathroom cabinets should match whatever you’ve got going on in the shower. If you can justify as much with whatever motif you’ve decided to go within your kitchen, that makes a lot of sense too. It all depends on what you’re interested in, what works, and of course what budget you’re working with.

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