5 Hacks Interior Designers Apply to Upgrade a Home Instantly

Ready to start decorating your new home or need to give it a bit of a refresh? The things an expert can improve will depend on the current condition of your homes furniture and its applicable layout. We have collected the common things that an interior designer can do to give an instant plus on your home interior design.

Fresh Paints Are Cool to the Eyes

Clean and colourful walls make an instant impact on anyone who enters your home. Designers will instantly notice the hues that you’ve chosen, from the base to the moulding. Seeing as it has this much of an effect on your interior decoration, it is no strange thing for a designer to decide to update the colour scheme of your home.

Furniture and Fixtures Make a Pleasing Picture

Interior designers have a good eye on what looks good with the coffee table you have in your living room or perhaps the new wall-mount lamp in the masters. All these things are in a designer’s mind. They have the latest knowledge of what looks good and what is practical for your place. This is the upside of having a designer take a look at your new home design. They can give you the best advice on which fixture is most practical to use and what furniture should be replaced.

New Lights Make Your House Shine Bright

A well-lit home makes it more liveable. Your interior design gets more focus and the details of your home become more noticeable. Lighting does not only mean a new bulb on the chandelier but it also means utilising any source of natural light you can get. Use any means you can to acquire enough sunlight for your home. Use lighter curtains instead of block-outs or keep your windows unbarred by anything.

Even Homes Need Space Too

Obstructed hallways and tight living spaces don’t look good for home interior design. Create a separate area for particular activities in your home but avoid crowding them with too much furniture. Say you want to create a division of your dining room from your living room without compromising either floor area. One thing you can do is to rearrange the position of the objects that are placed in the room. Change that arrangement to make the space flow better with each area remaining distinctive from the other. The interior designer you hire (or use our advice) can help you to achieve these ideas.

How can our experts help?

Getting a better interior decoration in a new home can be quite a task to do but our team can give you a hand. We have experienced people to give you the best professional advice that you never knew you needed. Collaborate with our experts and know the best interior design ideas from interior designers themselves. Give us a call and be in touch with our operators or drop us a message to start our discussion. Only the best ideas are given to you for the best results!


Ben is a passionate home renovator who is forever making improvements around the home and garden


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