6 Tips for Perfect Lighting in your New House Design

Lighting is a component of your new house design that ties everything together. When you are building a new home, quite often the lighting is an additional component that you will need to plan. This is a great opportunity to display your dramatic and creative flair, as you can explore interesting and unique ways to light your home. There are many lighting options available, if you are wanting to save money or splurge. Here are some considerations when selecting your lighting options.

Considerations for the perfect lighting in your new house design

Understand the function of your space

Before you start deciding on the types of lighting you would like to use in your new house design, make sure that you consider the activities you will be carrying out in each room. This will allow you to choose lighting options that compliment your space and allow you to live without being hindered by bad lighting. Areas such as kitchens or studies are best to have bright lights that allow you to work well, while dining rooms or a reading nook would be overwhelmed if they were flooded with light.

This can become difficult when spaces become multi purpose, as they often do in open planned living spaces. In the same space you may want good lighting for cooking and the kids homework as well as mood lighting for the dining table for a dinner party.

Plan for the size of your room

This may seem like an obvious one, however, it is important that when you are planning for your new house design that you consider the exact size of each room, as this will dictate the number of fittings you will need. Not enough fittings and you may feel like your room is always too dark and too many and the room will be too overwhelmed. It is best to plan the location and number of fittings early on in your building process, to avoid incurring additional costs from your electrician and to ensure you have a sound electrical plan.

Pick the right globe glow

Lights come in different temperatures and choosing the right globe for your space is vital. This is generally pretty straight forward. Warm light (often with an orange tint) should be used in spaces that you plan on relaxing in; such as a bedroom, living room or dining room, while a cool light (often with a blue tint) should be used in spaces that you plan on working in; such as the kitchen, study or laundry.

Choose a style

Sticking with a style throughout your new house design will create cohesive flow. Choosing lights that match the feel of your home will add to this feeling creating a complete feel.

Don’t blow your budget

It may be tempting to indulge in extravagant lighting, it does make a huge impact on a room. However, blowing your budget on lighting will mean you will have restrictions on other aspects of your new house design. It is vital that you remain realistic and think through your purchases during the entire process.

Invest in sustainability

With 56% of Australian homes currently using inefficient lighting, building a new home is the perfect time to implement sustainable and cost effective lighting. Opting for LED of CFL globes, although more expensive initially, use about 80% less energy, resulting in lower energy costs and less times you have to change the light globe.

Lighting inspiration for your new house design

Here are some fantastic lighting options to inspire you.

  • Add a pop of colour
  • Create a magical feel
  • Layer lighting with different lamps
  • Simplistic options

You may wish to consider the services of a lighting professional for something more custom, alternatively give us a call at iBuildNew and our phone consultants can put you in touch with a preferred builder so you can discuss lighting options when you build a new home.

Zoe Langenberg

Zoe is passionate about coffee and interior design. You can find her most weekends exploring an art gallery or devouring a good book.


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