Easy Feng Shui House Tips

Is it time to move into your new home? The keys will be handed over in a matter of days and you are ready to tackle your next big project – decorating your new space. This can be an exciting prospect and one that you can get creative about. If you would like to create a calm, relaxing and balanced space then you may want to follow these rules to create an easy Feng Shui house.

What is a Feng Shui House ?

Feng Shui is all about balancing energies (known as Qi or Chi) within your living space. An imbalance within your space can result in negative Qi and is thought to create problems within different aspects of your life. The goal of Feng Shui is to create a space that works harmoniously and builds positive Qi.

The way that your space is organised within a Feng Shui house is determined by using The Bagua Map. This map has eight seperate spaces that all correlate to different aspects of your life, such as career, creativity and children. When adapted for your space you can see the different zones in your house that should be adjusted to create positive Qi.

How do you use The Bugua Map?

Firstly, it is important that you know where every zone is placed in your particular house. This can be done by mapping out your home in a 3×3 grid – with the bottom right square correlating with the front entrance of your house.

Now that you know which rooms are impacted by Feng Shui, it is time to start removing any negative energy and replacing it with positive Qi.

Wealth  – wind element:

  • Opt for colours, such as red, purple and gold
  • Add flowers, or plants such as bamboo or jade
  • Avoid dead plants, dirt and dust
  • Remove bills or overdue accounts or long term storage such as filing cabinets

Fame & Rank – fire element :

  • Use red colours
  • Open up this area to light
  • This is a great place to put your television
  • Remove water
  • Reduce clutter

Marriage & Relationships – earth element:

  • Romantic colours such as red, pink and white
  • Decorate with items such as candles, flowers and romantic mementos
  • Use pairs of things
  • Avoid lone objects and images
  • Remove wind chimes

Children & Creativity – metal element:

  • Opt for light colours such as pastels
  • Use circular shapes as they represent the metal element
  • Decorate with symbols of creativity; such as art or hobbies
  • Avoid candles  and triangles

Helpful People & Travel:

  • Decorate with images of places you want to travel
  • Use colours such as white, grey, black and silver
  • Incorporate water and mirrors
  • Avoid any broken items
  • Move out long term storage

Career – water element:

  • Use dark colours such as charcoal, navy blue, and deep maroon
  • Decorate with reflective surfaces such as metal, mirrors and crystals
  • Include symbols or images of water as the water element brings clarity
  • Avoid stagnant water, bright colours and stormy pictures

Knowledge & Self-cultivation:

  • Colours such as blue, black, green and brown will work best
  • Decorate with books, rocks & stones and other heavy objects
  • Include images that are about self-exploration, wisdom, and mentors
  • Steer clear of clutter, running water and moving objects

Family & Health:

Avoid white and metal

Overall Feng Shui Tips

Rather than look at the individual zones of your house, there are many overall tips that can help you create positive Qi in your home.

  • Remove clutter: Having areas of clutter within your home will collect negative Qi, and generally makes your house feel stagnant.
  • Open your windows: Letting fresh air and plenty of light to enter your house is always good Feng Shui.
  • Reduce visible electronics: Either hiding electronics, or simply reducing the number that you have in your house will make your home more peaceful.
  • Remove your shoes: It is believed that shoes hold the bad energy of your day and the places you have been. If you walk inside with shoes on then you are simply bringing that inside.
  • Bed arrangement: Try and place your bed so that you have access to both sides and can see the door when you are lying on it


Zoe Langenberg

Zoe is passionate about coffee and interior design. You can find her most weekends exploring an art gallery or devouring a good book.


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