Colour Studio: Scandinavian Living

Scandinivian design has long been favourited by style advocates for its minimal and stylish aesthetics. Here we have picked out some of the key elements to achieve this look. Take a copy of this guide with you when you visit the colour studio, this will help you communicate your preferences and streamline the selection process.



The number one rule is to design a home that captures as much light as possible.

With its long winters and short periods of daylight, this is the basis to the Scandinavian look. Open plan living area, fresh white walls and neutral light colours all help to maximise natural lighting and create a sense of space. Stick with muted hues of beige and greys, these colours won’t date as quickly. (1)



Embrace the nature.

Scandinavian countries are surrounded by mountains and forests, so it is important to incorporate natural materials. Natural fibres and indoor plants will bring a personable and restful feeling to your home. Whilst blonde timber again maximises natural lighting and adds warmth. (2, 3, 4)



Now mix it up with a few extra elements.

It’s all those little details that make the big picture. Black linear lines can create a clean and elegant look, which may be applied to different sorts of decor. Complete the look by using textures in unexpected ways, such as linen wallpaper or dark wash timbers. (6, 7)


Download Our Printable Guide Here >>>


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