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Create the Perfect Playroom for the Kids

Playing is an essential sport for children to help them grow, develop, and learn how to interact with the big world out there. A designated playroom is the perfect place for them to be creative, experimental and for their imagination to flow. A playroom means all the toys can stay in one designated room, and you can live free from the fear of stepping barefoot on lego.

Your children will spend hours in the playroom – playing as well as learning, which is why it needs to be well thought out and functional. Because children have a short attention span, the playroom should be packed with variety, where they won’t get bored in just thirty minutes! You have the freedom to create something that your children will love, which is why you should meet them in the middle, ask what they would like in it and help them decorate. After all, this is a place that the kids want to enjoy, not the grown-ups!

Check out these fun and functional ideas for your kids’ playroom!

Image: Mark Wickens

Have Designated Areas for Activities
Having different activity areas are good for playrooms as children can have a very short attention span. They might want to play with their toys one minute, and the next sit on a relaxing bean bag and read a book. This is why your playroom should incorporate these two areas, a play zone and a reading zone.

The play zone can be a place where the kids play with their toys, and the reading zone can be the place where the kids want to disengage from toys and put their mind to something else. Reading is such a vital part of your child’s development and having a reading nook in a playroom can be just as important as the play zone. Find a comfortable corner in the room and have a shelf with plenty of books. Make sure they are within arms reach as this can help keep the kids focused. Make that area inviting with lots of comfortable cushions and bean bags

Children love to paint and draw, so give them a designated space just for arts and crafts! Have a table with small stools and all the stationary they might need. You can also attach a wire to opposite sides of the wall, have some clothespins, and encourage your kids to paint and hang their artwork!

Image: David Lauer

Importance of Storage
Having an organised and clutter free playroom is only achievable if there is plenty of storage. It is probably the most important factor of a playroom as the kids will need plenty of space to store their toys. If your budget allows, having built-in shelves and cupboards across an entire wall is the perfect way for the playroom to look neat and tidy and not take up too much of the floor space. You can have colourful shelves or storage bins and baskets so the kids can put away certain toys to a certain shelf – this can help them remember where they’ve put it. If you have young kids, keep in mind to have the shelves at their level as this will encourage them to help clean up their toys and put them back where they belong.


Colour Me Up?
Although there is nothing wrong with going for bold and bright colours, choosing a neutral colour for walls is the best decision to make, especially when the house has children that are different ages and genders. Playrooms are home to endless amounts of tools, why not let these bring the colour to the room?!
You can also bring in colour through the accessories, throw rugs, pillows and cushions, wall art and wallpaper, or even a blackboard wall can create focal points in the room. Another plus is that these features are easily changeable and can grow with your kids.

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Manya Mehra

Manya graduated with an Honours degree in 2018 in Creative and Professional Writing. Alongside that, she is passionate about interior design, house renovation and art.


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