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Day one experiences in your new home

It’s the day you’ve been dreaming about. The culmination of months searching for that perfect block, picking the right home design, and the builder – those days where it feels like it might never end. But it does, and that moment when the cool metal of those keys finally hits your hand is every bit as wonderful as you’re expecting it to be.

It’s every bit as wonderful as you’re expecting it to be

“I still have to pinch myself” says Daniel, from Melbourne’s Cranbourne West, who has recently moved into his brand new home with his partner Kelly.

Excitement and relief were the two key emotions he says he experienced on that first day. “I celebrated by getting most of the furniture we had stored in our other house and garage into the new place and unpacking it. I had my special wine collection packed up for so long, with so many special bottles that I was saving to drink in the new house, so the first thing I did was to put up shelving and get it all out. Then we had a drink!” he says.

The couple had experienced some delays with their build and admit getting their previous house ready to put on the market had been stressful, but that was immediately forgotten once they moved in.

“Once we had the keys, this was home and my old house quickly because the “other place”. Waking up, we still couldn’t believe the space,” he says of the first morning in their much bigger home.

Their new place is triple the size of their old one. Daniel and Kelly had gone from living in 13 squares to 39 squares and they love the extra space. “I’ve got rooms I don’t even know what to do with,” he says. “I still sit at my kitchen table and look at the TV in the lounge and say ‘my old house could fit in this space between me and the TV’”.

The extra space has also meant a new addition to their household – a puppy. Daniel says they never could have had a pet in the old house but they’re so happy they do now. “We have a new house ready for the new dog and he loves the place as much as us”.

They are now enjoying settling into their dream home. “We are now putting in a garden, the neighbourhood has opened a space and will have a big sports ground and a dog park,” he says. Then there’s celebrating with family and friends, with the couple planning on combining the official housewarming with a Christmas party. But they don’t have to wait until then to celebrate because, as Daniel says, “walking into our new home is a treasure everyday”.

For Thomas and Emily from Point Cook, they had dreamed about the first meal they would cook in their new kitchen. “We couldn’t wait to use our new kitchen. Throughout the build I had been dreaming about cooking a three course meal on our first night, and being able to enjoy a quite meal with my husband at our new dinning table.”

Emily also mentioned that the first morning waking up in their new home was so exciting. “It was like we were on holiday, waking up to a new view from our window. Then the first thing we did was make a coffee, and sit in the lounge room,  in awe of this beautiful house we had created.”

Zoe Manderson

Having just finished building her first new home, she lives and breaths all things home.


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