Tips For Decorating Narrow Blocks

Having previously discussed the topic of narrow design homes, we thought that it would be important to revisit it. After all, with more and more homes becoming less spacious, it’s important to know the many life hacks we to get the most comfortable lifestyle.

Aside from grabbing yourself a bigger place, here are some general tips as to how you can make the most out of your space.

Let there be light!

This point we’ve already brought up in our last article. However, given the significance of natural light, we can’t help but reiterate it.

Whether this is something as upgrading to bigger windows, adding in extra windows or utilising the use of mirrors to increase the light and space, keeping your room well lit is essential in creating an dynamic environment.

Be realistic with your choice of furniture

narrow blocks furniture choice

Being smart with your choice furniture will have a tremendous impact on your home. Instead of cluttering your living room with additional shelving or armchairs, minimising your choices to the essentials will help make the most out of your living conditions.

Vertical storage

narrow blocks living room

If you’re a bit of a hoarder, it can be easy for items to eat up a lot of room. Which is why when it comes to furniture layout, going with a narrow, vertical display may be the best move in making your place appear more tidy.

For this point, you can do this in a variety of different forms. However, the most obvious is to simply invest in a narrow bookshelf, while the more complex renovations would require you to install shelving.

Limit your colours

The most important aspects you can include for your home is making sure the colours either match or compliment each other. In the world of interior design, limiting your colour variety to three primary colours can do wonders to the visual appeal of your home.

Naturally, we recommend going with at least two bright colours to help bring out the light of the room. However, if it looks a little too bland, you can spruce things up with either some darker cushions, table cloths, and blankets.

Multi-purpose furniture

narrow blocks multi-purpose furniture


If you’re struggling with the transition to less furniture, investing in multi-purpose furniture may be just for you. Not only would this choice of decor alleviate the amount of space taken up, but the practicality of some designs may mean a convenient use out of most layouts.

For instance, if you’re in dire need for storage for items such as blankets, perhaps looking at a bed with drawers might be worth considering? Or if you’re hoping to have guests over, perhaps investing in a sofa-bed?

Invest in a plant

It may seem like an odd thing to suggest considering how we’re working with narrow spaces. However, as previously discussed in one of our articles, adding a plant can do wonders to any cramped living environment.

Not only would it add some life to the room, but investing in a plant would work as an great natural air purifier against the many air toxins we breathe in on a daily basis.

Jason English


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