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Choosing Easy Indoor Plants For Your New Home

Plants have sure come a long way when it comes to interior design. While most residents typically like to leave their garden friends outside, it’s not uncommon for people to have some flora life scattered across the house.

While plants can serve as an excellent means of sprucing up your interior, there are a number of aspects you should note prior to picking one out. In this article, we take a look a several plants that we think may suit you best within your household.

Spider Plant

Spider plant easy indoor plants

If this is your first time to interior gardening, starting off with a Spider Plant may be just for you. Not only does this plant create a relaxing mood, but it also acts as an air-purifier to pollutants such as xylene and carbon monoxide. In addition to its beauty, these plants also have a strong resilience to physical abuse, meaning any newcomers to gardening will have a tough time trying to kill one of these plants.

Snake Plant

easy indoor plants Snake plant

In addition to the Spider Plant, Snake Plants are an excellent household addition to those just starting off in gardening. Not only can these tropical plants survive low level lighting, but these guys can go weeks without having to be watered.

Much like any other house plant, Spider Plants can also act as a natural air purifier for toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene. Just make sure you don’t leave the moisture too wet, otherwise you can easily rot the roots!

Rubber Tree

Now we know what you’re thinking – you’re probably assuming that we’re trying tell you purchase a literal ‘rubber’ tree. However, as the name (sort of) implies, the only thing rubbery about it is its thick glossy leaves.

If you’re living an environment where your light is indirect and slightly dim, procuring a Rubber Tree might be just for you. Not only does this fella blossom in cold environments, but it’s one of the easiest plants to take care of. Be warned though as these plants can grow up to 50 feet tall – so unless you live in a jungle, regular pruning is mandatory!

easy indoor plants Rubber Plant

Peace Lily

easy indoor plants Peace Lily

A popular choice for office environments, Peace Lily’s are wonderful flowers to keep around any home environment. Not only does a Peace Lily require low-maintenance, but it also does well in medium lit rooms with cooler temperatures. Much like the plants we’ve listed, Peace Lilys are great for purifying air and removing carbon monoxide.

Gerbera Flower

easy indoor plants

If you’re someone who able to maintain your plants and have a room with plenty of natural light, you may want to consider placing some Gerberas around it. Not only are these flowers colorful enough to brighten anyone’s mood, but they can also help in removing chemicals such as Benzene from the air. In addition to these properties, if you’re someone who tends to suffer from either allergies of sleep apnea, Gerberas serve as a natural remedy (go figure!).

So you love the idea of greenery, maybe you could add it to the heart of your home.

Ready to start buying your new plant friends, but don’t yet have a house to put them in? Head over here, to compare house designs, house and land packages or land estates side by side. If you would like personalised advice, make sure you call us on 1800 184 284 or book a call online.

Jason English


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