How Could You Transform Your Additional Living Spaces?

Many modern home designs offer more than one living space with many individuals opting to use the space in a way that reflects their lifestyle. There so many ways to repurpose additional living space that transcend the traditional functions of the living room.
Check out the list below to figure out a way to make your additional living spaces work for you!

Meditation Room
Are you or your partner active yogis? A common problem for yogis is finding a good space around the house with zero distractions to focus on meditation. You can create a calm environment to aid focus by using your additional living space to create a meditation room. Try to create this space in a quiet area of the home with plenty of natural lighting. Add some indoor plants to up the ambience of the room.

Whether you enjoy creating art pieces or making music, transforming an additional living space into a studio will give you a designated space to work on what inspires you. If you opt for an art studio, you’ll have a space to get as messy as you like, and disconnect from the distractions of the world. For a music studio, you can incorporate soundproofing into the design to keep the noise contained and the neighbours content.

Reading Room
If you’re a serious bookworm, you’ve probably dreamed of creating your own library. You can use your additional living space to do just this! Incorporate built-in shelving into the design of the room to show off your book collection, add some decorative ornaments to really up the aesthetic of the room. You’ll want to create a comfortable space so you can relax as you devour a good book. Throw in a comfy sofa and accessorise with cushions and throws to create a retreat!

If you’re a freelancer, work from home often, or even take work back home most days, a study is a perfect way to make use of extra living space. Whether it’s for your own work or a space where the kids can go to do their homework, home office spaces can be useful for everyone. Create a distraction-free environment with everything you’ll need to get your head down, making sure there are plenty of charger ports, desk space and a lot of natural light.

If you’re an entertainer, what could be better than having a designated space for gatherings in your own home? Create a space with plenty of seating, the right lighting and a good speaker system. Throw in a couple of your mates and you’ve got your new favourite hangout without leaving the house.

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Aly Houssien

Egyptian-born Aussie with a passion for sports, over 5 years of copywriting experience in several industries, Aly specialises in renovation and home improvement.


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