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How to Create Your Dream Kitchen

The kitchen is a focal point of any home. It is a place where the family comes together, spends time and shares memories. Choosing a kitchen that allows you to spend you precious time with your family, and less time on chores is vital when you build a home. The team at iBuildNew have created a list of considerations you should take into mind when choosing your dream home.

7 kitchen considerations when you build a home

Kitchen triangle of efficiency:

This design principle impacts the overall functionality of your new kitchen. A well functioning kitchen that runs smoothly will implement this triangle. The triangle is a direct line from the fridge, cooktop and sink (the most used areas).


Having a kitchen that is clutter free will make your whole house feel tidy and organised. Choosing a kitchen with ample storage and clever ways of keeping unsightly appliances out of the way, will keep the space feeling clean. Features such as a large pantry with bench space to hold appliances such as a toaster, or a butler’s pantry are very useful.

Other ways to maximise on space includes:

  • Drawers over doors: This will allow you to access every item and utilise every inch of your storage without creating unnecessary clutter
  • Use walls: Creating a way of storing utensils and chopping boards on the walls will maximise shelf space for other items
  • Cabinets to the roof: Choosing a kitchen that has cabinets that stretch to the roof will add extra storage as well as minimise on cleaning the dust off the top.


When building a new house it can be easy to choose a design that is more attractive than practical. However, it is crucial that you understand how you and your family interact with your home, and it turn what works or does not work well. When choosing appliances such as fridges and stoves, make sure that the same rule applies. A wide cooktop, with plenty of space and other appliances that will work seamlessly in your life, will make life simpler.

When it comes to decorating your space, use smaller appliances such as a toaster, kettle or mixer to bring sophistication and colour into your space. Expressing your personality throughout your new house is important, but should be correctly balanced with practicality.


There are many small ways to inject colour into your new kitchen after once you build a home. Interesting appliances, flowers and plants, artwork, coloured stools, splashbacks and cabinets are all small details that can add personality to your kitchen.

Consider the Space:

Make the space work for you not the other way around. How will you interact with the space and others within the space? This is crucial to understand when you are choosing or designing a kitchen. The sorts of things that you should consider are:

  • Do you want to be able to see the kids play, or have them sit with you while you are cooking?
  • Do you want people to walk through the kitchen while you are cooking?
  • Will you be doing a lot of entertaining? Or will a smaller kitchen work for you and your family?

Ignore Trends:

As much as you may be drawn to include trends in your new kitchen when you build a home, it is useful to try and avoid them. A kitchen is an investment in your property, and if designed well, will stand the test of time.

Try and use neutral colours that age well, creating an interesting space with small touches such as appliances. This will help when you choose to sell your property, as potential buyers will be attracted to a kitchen they can in turn make their own.

Natural Lighting:

Embrace all natural light when you build a home. Large windows and an open design will make your space feel bigger and more open.

5 Things to avoid in a new kitchen:

  • Shallow cabinets: Having cabinets in your kitchen that are shallow will mean that you can’t store larger items such as plates.
  • No room for fridge doors: Making sure that there is enough room to open the fridge and move around it easily- this will save you from years of frustration.
  • Low bench tops: Although this may seem like a small issue of a couple of millimetres, after cooking for hours on Christmas Day or for a dinner party, you will feel the strain.
  • Clashing doors: Same as the fridge doors, it is very important to make sure that allowances have been made for functionality.
  • Forgetting appliances: When looking at a newly built kitchen or display home, it can sometimes become easy to overlook how you will actually use the kitchen. Appliances such as coffee machines, blenders or juicers can be easily forgotten but ultimately if you use them regularly you will want them to be accessed easily.

When you build a home it is important to understand how you and your family will interact with the space. This should ultimately drive much of your investigation. At iBuildNew we can help you through this process. Head to to compare floor plans and designs, or call one of our expert consultants on 1800 184 284. With years of experience in the building industry they will be able to help you find new house designs that accommodate for all your families needs.

Zoe Langenberg

Zoe is passionate about coffee and interior design. You can find her most weekends exploring an art gallery or devouring a good book.


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