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How to Design a Professional Home Office

A home office is all about introducing a productive mind-set into a place traditionally reserved for relaxation. From the first drawings of you home plans to the finishing touches, we’ve collated some tips to ensure your workspace is functional, creative, and enjoyable to be in.

Without the routine of a strict nine to five, it can be tricky to stay motivated. A well-designed and well-kept home office will not only get you out of bed, but make sure you tick off all the things on your to-do list as efficiently as possible.

Positioning is Everything

In order to keep your home and work life separate, think about tucking your office away in another part of the house. Perhaps it could be upstairs, or even in a converted garage. Every home will have its own unique features. For example, if you’ve got a narrow block, you could make use of a mezzanine or loft space. If you’re building your office from scratch, have a chat to your home builder about designing the best possible spot to work.

Because we spend an average of eight hours a day at work, and most of our jobs require sitting behind a desk, it’s so crucial to make sure that you take care of your posture. Your screen should be at eye height, and your keyboard or track pad level with your elbows. Invest in an ergonomic chair, or an adjustable sit-stand desk.

We all look for excuses to knock off work early for the day, and an uncomfortable chair is just another example. By surrounding yourself with the most functional design, you’ll minimise the tendency to get distracted. Similarly, having to get up to search for the tools or materials we need can be distracting. U or L shaped desks keep everything within arm’s reach.

Abundance of Light

There’s no such thing as too much light when it comes to designing a workspace. Opt for large windows, particularly with north-facing orientations. Down lights can be a good idea for lighting the room as a whole, and a desk lamp is an absolute must for working on projects that can strain the eyes.

Natural light is the best bet for boosting your morning productivity. Our bodies naturally attune to the rise and set of the sun, which means no foggy headspace in the morning, even without coffee. Better yet, a room full of light is the perfect spot for plants to catch the rays, and we all know that plants add that extra dose of happiness to any work space.

Creative Storage

Every office needs plenty of storage for all those loose ends like paperwork, client correspondence and bundles of cords. In order to keep your work bench clutter free, replace the old-fashioned filing cabinet with some adaptable storage furniture. Timber or wicker boxes in a grid-like shelving unit can hide all manner of disarray, whereas ottomans and coffee table chests could also neatly tuck away some unwanted mess.

It’s a good idea to stock up the essentials like paper, pens, ink and staples. Keep them all in a draw so that they’re on hand when needed at the last minute.

Bring in Some Homely Comforts

One of the biggest advantages about working from home is that you don’t follow anyone’s rules but your own. If you work better with some photos of family dotted around your desk, then go for it. Perhaps you need to do a lot of reading, and so a couch is a necessary part of the daily routine. Unlike an office space, you set the rules, meaning you work more efficiently.

Negative Space

We seem to have an innate tendency to overstuff our spaces, even when we know that less is so much more. Actively thinking about how to clear the clutter, be it through buying less, cleaning every week or just tidying up as you go, is the only way to make sure that your office stays looking professional. Especially if you plan to use your home office as a hybrid meeting space for client briefings, you don’t want to be caught short with a messy desk.

Whether you’re an artist or an accountant, working from home is different for everyone. Making sure to get the elements right during the home design stage will ensure that your home office gives you the best foundation for a successful career.

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Zoe Langenberg

Zoe is passionate about coffee and interior design. You can find her most weekends exploring an art gallery or devouring a good book.


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