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Improving the Design of Your Kitchen, the Heart of Your Home

For most people, the kitchen is their favourite spot in the house. It is where families cook nourishing meals and get together to catch up. While the traditional kitchen was used mainly for preparing food, the modern one is a place where both the young and old can learn about the art of cooking and create wonderful memories dish after dish.

Thinking of a better way to start your day? Wake up to the satisfying aroma of freshly brewed coffee and grab a bite of your hearty breakfast in your beautifully designed kitchen. If you want to improve the overall appearance and function of your kitchen, you must consider applying a few simple kitchen design tips. Here’s how:

Prepare Meals Easily with Multiple Counter tops

For people who are passionate about cooking delicious meals, they need more than just a single countertop to keep the preparation process in order. Plus, if you incorporate more countertops into your kitchen design, this will allow you to bake your favourite pastry dish more easily and will enable young children to help during meal preparation.

Keep the Kitchen Clean at All Times with Integrated Bins

Although a kitchen tends to get messy during meal preparation, nobody wants to see rubbish on their counter. Modern kitchen design dictates the use of integrated bins inside the cupboards so when the countertops are messy, you can easily throw and hide the mess into a bin.

Use Appliances with Ease with Multiple Outlets

Are you tired of having to unplug appliances in the kitchen one at a time? Installing multiple outlets on the island or in the pantry will enable you to plug in any type of kitchen appliance whenever you need it. Plus, it will keep your microwave, toaster, and other devices in place – you don’t have to keep moving them around anymore.

Pass Notes with Message Boards

Placing a whiteboard or a bulletin board on your kitchen wall will allow you to pass important reminders to the other members of the family. You could even paint one of your walls with chalkboard paint. It can also be useful when it comes to cooking meals as you can write down the ingredients and the steps in making your desired dish. Plus, you can use it as a calendar, a drawing station for your children, or a memo board.

Brighten Up Your Kitchen with Lighting Fixtures

If you want to add a simple yet beautiful style to your kitchen, you are going to need a light that will complement its design. Also, you don’t want to prepare meals in a dark room so basically a bright light will allow you to see things clearly. You can place lights above countertops or islands so you can achieve that wow factor.

Consult the Right People to Get the Job Done

Are you still in search of the best kitchen designs Australia has? Here at iBuildNew, we make home design research easier by allowing you to compare house designs, builders and developers easily. You can even speak to one of our expert new home building consultants who can help you find the perfect dream home You can call one of our consultants 7 days a week at 1800 184 284 or book a call online.

Zoe Langenberg

Zoe is passionate about coffee and interior design. You can find her most weekends exploring an art gallery or devouring a good book.


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