Our Top 5 Instagram Accounts for Serious Home Inspo

Do you ever spend hours on the explore page on Instagram liking beautiful photos of home decor? Guilty. That’s all I seem to do in my spare time these days! Thanks to social media and the evergrowing community on Instagram, it’s not uncommon to experience home envy multiple times a day! We’ve pooled five of our favourite Instagram accounts for your daily home inspo fix. Check out these accounts full of gorgeous pictures of home decor to inspire you to seriously up your aesthetic!

Image: @coco.camellia

TARA WOKULSKI (@coco.camellia_)
Tara Wokulski is a Melbourne based Interior Stylist who is known for creating simple and timeless spaces. Flower arrangements are a big part of her interior design. Her signature palette contains colours such as grey, blush and white set with a dreamy rose-tinted haze.

Image: @Scandinavianhomes

SCANDINAVIAN HOMES (@scandinavianhomes)
The Scandi aesthetic is still going strong, with its chic minimalist principals and time withstanding style. Scandinavian Homes are a Stockholm based interiors firm and their Instagram feed truly makes you feel like you’re talking a walk through their showroom. Think eye-catching indoor plants and making effective use of empty spaces.

Image: @jonathanadler

JONATHAN ADLER (@jonathanadler)
Designer Jonathan Adler’s Instagram feed is anything but dull! As you’d expect from a man hailed as the king of modern chic design, his Instagram gives us a glimpse behind the scenes featuring many bold colours, patterns and artwork for days. Check out his feed where pop-art meets the world of high-end interiors.

Image: @citysage

ANNE SAGE (@citysage)
Anne Sage’s Instagram feed gives us a peek into her classic and rustic lifestyle. A cool toned home decor feed is peppered with her favourite hangouts and food that looks too good to eat. From interior design inspo to new places to add to our bucket list, Anne Sage’s feed is the gift that keeps on giving.

EMILY HENDERSON(@em_henderson)
Emily Henderson is an LA-based designer and HGTV host whose Instagram is definitely worth a good scroll. Think gorgeous pictures of vignettes, plants, cozy bedrooms and bathrooms. Her signature style celebrates vintage and antique pieces, providing inspiration for every room in the house!

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Manya Mehra

Manya graduated with an Honours degree in 2018 in Creative and Professional Writing. Alongside that, she is passionate about interior design, house renovation and art.


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