10 Essentials For Living Room Comfort

The joy of owning a home and decorating our living room means we have the creative freedom to design a comfortable oasis that we can retreat to after the chaos of everyday life. Living spaces are an essential part of any functioning home. Hence why creating a peaceful, cozy haven will allow you the escape you need after a busy day of work and will be the perfect place for families to bond. Below are some tips on how to transform your living area for maximum comfort:

1. Declutter
When building harmony in a living room, it is important to strike a balance between clear space and space filled with objects and decorations. While you want your area to feel homely and cosy, having too much clutter like going overboard with ornaments and knick-knacks will make the area feel claustrophobic and chaotic. Sorting through material possessions and deciding to keep a few statement pieces will do wonders for the space.

2. Furniture Layout
The layout of your couches and chairs will be a big factor in the overall coziness of your living area. Having your chairs and couches positioned far enough away from the walls yet not too close together will create an intimate environment that is perfect for conversation however doesn’t make your friends or family feel too invaded and cramped. If you have two separate armchairs, positioning them angled and facing each other will create a comfortable ‘conversation circle’ that will make your space feel homely and inviting.

living room

3. Family Photographs
Nothing quite says home like family. Which is why having your precious memories on display will instantly make your living area feel comfortable and inviting. Photographs can be incorporated into stand-alone frames that sit on shelves or cabinets or can be blown up onto large scale canvases that are mounted onto the walls.

4. Throw Blankets And Cushions
Throw blankets and cushions are a fantastic decorating tip as they add texture colour and warmth to a space whilst being completely practical. With the winter chill demanding a blanket draped over your legs while watching tv, strategically choose the colours and textures of blankets and cushions that complement each other. It is the easiest way to add an element of cozy ambience to your living room!

5. Statement Fireplace
While not all home’s are lucky enough to enjoy a fireplace, those that need should focus on making this a statement piece in their living room. Having a luxurious winter sensation like a fireplace is inherently cozy. Designing your space around it, you ensure a sense of automatic comfort.

6. Floor Lamps
Lighting is a great element to enhance the ambience of a space. When you are snuggled up on the couch, a floor lamp is a perfect way to spread a soft warm glow that adds instant comfort.

7. Decorate With Warmer Tones
Having a palette of warm colours like taupe and cappuccino and applying tones instead of patterns will make your living space more comfortable and inviting. Enhancing these with lamps to create a warm ambience in the evening will make the cozy levels skyrocket.

8. Decorate With Flowers And Plants
Using flowers and plants as decorations will breathe a sense of fresh air into your home making the area feel lighting and clean and will be a great way to enhance the space with a pop of colour.

Living room

9. Try Feng Shui
To distinguish what feng shui practice will work best in your home first define your homes ‘bagua’ or energy map. Once you know how your living room fits into this and which feng shui element needs to be supported in it, you will have clarity on the best colours, shapes, and materials to choose. Eg: If your living area faces South, fire colours are encouraged such as red, yellow, orange and brown.

10. Cosy Corners
Scope out a corner of the room where you can place a reading nook. Having a corner bookshelf and a big armchair and throw pillows will be an invitation for someone to curl up and read their favourite novel or magazine in a quiet and comfortable space.

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Breanna Taylor

Breanna Taylor is a third-year journalism and PR student studying at Swinburne University in Hawthorn. She has a strong passion for interior design and a growing interest in property development and renovation.


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