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Tips To Cosy-Up Your Open Plan Living

The popularity behind an open plan living area is on the rise like never before as they open up space to make your home feel light, airy and circulating. Whilst the trend of an open style of the floor plan appeals to many modern home buyers, people sometimes worry large rooms may lack a sense of coziness that people crave in their homes – especially in Winter. If you love the idea of an open-plan design but also want a cozy living space, then do not worry – you can have your cake and eat it too!

Nothing says a cozy winter more than sitting by a fireplace and sipping a hot drink on a rainy afternoon. If you don’t already have a wood fireplace or a chimney and are thinking of investing in some real flames, external gas log fires can be fitted onto the walls or in the corner of the rooms. The ambience of a real flame will take your living rooms coziness scale up top-notch.

Have A Focal Point
When arranging furniture, pick a statement area. This may be a large bookcase or a large wall that showcases some modern art. Choose this area as your focal point and continue to break the other areas of the house into zones to avoid coldness.

open plan living

Rugs Galore
Expanding on from the focal point idea, using rugs will help to define the areas of your home so it doesn’t feel too open and absorbed. Rugs are a great way to also experiment with warm colour and texture. Anchor the floor for an intimate feeling by adding richly textured rugs that will help to gently reduce the feel of the space whilst creating coziness and comfort.

Conversation Areas
Dialling up your homes intimacy levels can be achieved with the addition of conversation seating areas within your open plan living. Incorporate comfortable seating in each area to make it easy for people to sit and chat, like having a single armchair close to a two-seater couch. Your space feels open and you can still share a cuppa and a chat in close proximity without feeling to estranged.

open plan living

Fill Empty Walls
Another clever trick to ensure your open plan living doesn’t lack a warm and inviting vibe is to fill up empty wall spaces with different sorts of pictures and art. Depending on the style of your home, statement abstract art pieces or large mirrors will help to reign in the space and define separate areas of your home.

Green Means Go
Using natural plants as a decoration in your home will give your area a sense of freshness and life whilst still making it feel cozy and comfortable. The greenery will not only add a highlight and a pop of colour, but you can also experiment with different shapes and heights. Having a tall palm sitting in the corner of the room will enclose the space whilst keeping it light and airy.

Round Furnishings
Since most open floor plans are rectangular and feature angular elements, adding round furnishings and accessories breaks up all the sharp angles adding an element of softness to your living area. Doubling up on round-edged furnishings and different textures will be a great way to amp up the coziness and make the space feel natural yet comfortable!

If you’re left still wanting tips and tricks to assist in your new home design, be sure to speak with one of our home experts on 1800 184 284. They are independent and highly motivated to see you achieve your dream home goals and can offer you so much more! You can also book a call online.

Breanna Taylor

Breanna Taylor is a third-year journalism and PR student studying at Swinburne University in Hawthorn. She has a strong passion for interior design and a growing interest in property development and renovation.


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