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Sustainable Materials To Use In Your New Home Build

If you are new to the building scheme and are planning to build a house take a second to think about the materials you are choosing to construct with. The production of commercial concrete materials releases tons of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere each year, contributing to the calamity that is climate change. Choosing to use sustainable materials is not only giving our planet the hug it deserves, but it will also be a great selling point as ‘green’ houses are hot on the market. Here are seven of the eco-friendliest home construction materials you should consider for your new home build:

Not only does bamboo sound trendy and radiate modern Asian infused vibes, the 100 year old building material is hailed for its tensile strength, light-weight and the fact it can be regrown quickly. Used an alternative to heavy steel and concrete structures, bamboo is a good material for building walls and frames.

sustainable materialsImage: Dezeen

Sheep’s wool
Not only for your favourite winter sweater or couch blanket, but sheep’s wool is also a perfect sustainable materials used in insulation. This form of insulating is energy efficient and will work perfectly, in walls, ceilings and attics to keep your home warm and cool seasonally.

Straw Bales
Another great material for insulation. Like sheep’s wool, it can be used in walls and ceilings to heat and cool your home as well as being grown and harvested easily and without any environmental impact.

Someone should invite mycelium to the party. Why? Because he’s a fungi! Yes, while it sounds crazy that a futuristic building which comprises the root structure of mushrooms exists, mycelium can be encouraged to grow in moulds or forms, then becomes air-dried to create lightweight and strong bricks or other shapes.

Hempcrete is just what it sounds like – a concrete-like material created from the woody inner fibres of the hemp plant which are bound by lime to form lightweight blocks. By choosing hempcrete, not only will you be building with sustainable materials, but your structure will also be safe from fires and termites due to these resistant qualities.

Passive DesignImage: Modscape

Recycled plastic
Nothing says green more like recycling. With the mounds of plastic waste that is polluting landfills and spreading rapidly into our oceans, what better way to save the planet than to use this when building. To make construction blocks, plastic fibres are grounded and machine-compressed and since it doesn’t need a binding agent or adhesive to stick together, it’s carbon footprint is less compared to concrete.

Roughly 95% of the Ferrock is made from recycled materials, Ferrock is both stronger and more flexible than normal cement, allowing it to be used in highly active environments. It is made from waste and recycled materials like steel dust and creates a strong building material that is even stronger than traditional concrete. Ferrock is currently much cheaper as it is sourced from recyclables. There is also the environmental benefit that it is carbon negative as it absorbs more carbon dioxide than it creates, so it is not only good for your pocket but the planet too.

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Breanna Taylor

Breanna Taylor is a third-year journalism and PR student studying at Swinburne University in Hawthorn. She has a strong passion for interior design and a growing interest in property development and renovation.


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