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The In’s and Out’s of Minimalist Design

If you have dwelled into the art of interior design recently then there is a fair chance you have heard the term “minimalist design” being thrown around. Modern, infused and bang on trend, the idea means stripping away of all unnecessary elements and focusing on what needs to be there. In this sense, minimalism encourages purpose. So how do you achieve a beautiful minimalist home? Here are some tips:

Less Is More
By giving your home a modern minimalist feel, enhance the “bare-boned” beauty of your structure. Instead of concealing architectural details, celebrate them and design around them. Another key factor to achieve a minimalist design is to completely declutter your home. A cabinet or buffet will look fantastic with just one statement piece like a plant or candle than laden with knick-knacks or ornaments.

minimalist design

Quality Over Quantity
A minimalist home will benefit from a few small high-end statement pieces rather than a collection of furniture. Move away from fast fashion pieces and focus on elements to add that very basic and sleek, like a well made (yet practical) sofa or sectional, quality armchairs and/or side table. When shopping, purchase only what you need and only what will serve a meaningful purpose each and every day.

Colour Palette
One of the main defining elements to minimalist design is the use of soft tonal colours. A minimalist home will generally have a natural colour palette consisting of white’s, greys and beiges. Instead of using vibrant colour to enhance the space, think more tonally like cappuccino or soft grey. Many minimal homes will keep their walls and furniture organic and natural whilst adding highlights of greenery in the form of pot plants and succulents as well as wooden finishes.

minimalist design

Prioritise By Purpose
One of the key steps to transforming your home into a minimalist oasis is to step back and consider all of your belongings and their functions. In a style theme where the credo is less is more, you are encouraged to declutter your home and rid the space of anything that doesn’t serve a daily purpose or that you duplications of. If you do not want to detox your home completely, the addition of sleek storage spaces is recommended so that the areas exposed are neat and clean and not overrun by clutter.

As minimalist design works closely with a neutral colour palette, the texture will be your best friend to liven up the space and create a flow of energy in your home. If you live in a cooler climate, using cosy textiles will help to warm up the space. Great ways to utilise texture also includes cable knit woven blankets, a crystal chandelier or a beautifully carved wooden headboard.

minimalist design

Let There Be Light
A minimalist home will not work if there isn’t a natural light source illuminating the place. The feel of minimalism is light and airy so having big open windows are a bonus. To artificially add light, try brightening up the room with sconces, candlesticks and very thin linen window treatments. The lighter the better!

Detail Is Everything
The beauty of minimalism is that everything you chose to have to display needs to be meticulously placed there for a reason. The aesthetic beauty of a minimal home takes significant effort yet will pay off if executed correctly as the items on display will gain even more importance with less visual clutter around them.

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Breanna Taylor

Breanna Taylor is a third-year journalism and PR student studying at Swinburne University in Hawthorn. She has a strong passion for interior design and a growing interest in property development and renovation.


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