Step Into The Woods With These Decorating Ideas

Whether it’s a wooden frame or some dark wooden floors, wooden designs are timeless, sturdy and can be constantly relied on to make a statement. As there are plenty different kinds of wooden furniture and many areas of the house that they could be found, it may be tricky to figure out where to place them and make sure it incorporates well with the surroundings. These are a few decorating ideas to help channel your creative side and bring nature indoors by seamlessly blending different wooden pieces.

decorating ideas

Opposites Attract
The dining area is one of the main spots where you’ll be spending most of the time with the family and when hosting guests over for a meal. By creating some open space with a dark table and colourful wooden chairs, you are able to build a smoother dining experience. If it’s a formal family event or a casual hangout with friends, you are able to easily move the chairs around with ease while maintaining a consistent and portable look. A neat, white background can be contrasted with some dark wooden furniture to give it a splash of colour and let some antique pieces steal the spotlight. Meanwhile, personalised decorating ideas can involve juxtaposing white wooden furniture with funky artwork that displays your own taste.

A Nice Mix
Another decorating idea to keep in mind is mixing a range of shades and tones with the wooden furniture scattered around the home. You can embrace a more edgy look by pairing dark and pale wood together along with antique accessories or wooden blinds. A unique touch can make all the difference such as attaching bright-coloured designs and patterns behind or on top of plain wooden drawers. This is a simple and subtle way to add your own spin without going overboard. A bold style may be the way to go with a warm colour for the wallpaper that can complement the wooden furniture by balancing out the darker tones.

decorating ideas

Make It Your Own
In order to avoid odd wooden furniture scattered within the place, keep an open mind on where they could fit in the best. A wooden table or desk placed by the corner or alcove can assist in the flow of the design and also provide a homely feel. It can be a great area to get some reading or quiet study done. You can also choose to have a specific room designated with a wooden theme, such as an office room with wooden doors and closets for a cohesive outcome. There may be extra wooden furniture that can be transformed to become an integral part of other rooms. You can expand your decorating ideas by using old wooden drawers to function as a nightstand in the guestroom or as a stand for the bathroom sink. There are no boundaries for how to integrate wooden designs and furniture inside the property. If you’re including either an old piece or a modern collection, the classic and natural look doesn’t get old.

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Davina Deluao

Davina graduated from Swinburne University with a Bachelor of Arts. Through travelling and studying abroad in NYC and LA, her interests for property and design grew and have become her strong pursuit.


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