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Home Renovation Tips: Keeping Your Kids And Pets Safe

Home renovations can be tough for families, however, when adding younger kids and pets to the mix, things can get even trickier. As the curiosity of kids and pets piques during this time, homeowners may feel extra anxiety to ensure that their loved ones stay out of harm’s way. This article will provide you with some home renovation tips for when kids and pets are in the picture.

Divide and construct

Whilst yellow tape will steer older kids and adults away from a construction site, this may not be enough for younger kids and pets. To prevent kids and pets from traversing into a construction zone, completely seal off the area of construction with plastic sheeting, which will also stop construction dust from travelling into functional spaces. Even if this feels excessive, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

If possible, assign separate entrances for workers and family members. Home renovation tips like these will prevent workers from accidentally leaving work tools and supplies sitting around in non-work areas. When possible, choose an entrance for the workers that is closest to the construction zone.

Stay somewhere else if hazardous materials are present 

If serious hazards such as asbestos, lead paint or mould present themselves during a home renovation, it may be best to temporarily stay elsewhere, such as with a friend, a relative or in short-term accommodation. Children and pets are much more vulnerable in the face of these hazards.

home renovation tips

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Designating a safe place to play 

During a renovation, children’s play areas may become off-limits, resulting in bored and irritable kids. It may be a good idea to set up a temporary play area in the dining room or in a spare bedroom. This might also be a good opportunity to take the children outside to a park or a playground to give them some much needed outdoor time.

Keep pets safe 

For the safety of your furry friends and the workers in your house, they need to be kept well away from construction areas. Even if your pets are well trained and normally well behaved, a disruptive event like a renovation can throw them off. To ensure both your pets and your workers stay happy when no one else is at home, either keep your pet outside in an enclosed yard or inside in an enclosed area during the day. Alternatively, you could arrange temporary accommodation, such as a doggy daycare for your pets whilst major work is happening.

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Coordinate and communicate with your contractor

A key home renovation tip is to communicate. Chances are that this isn’t your contractor’s first rodeo at a home with kids and/or pets. If you communicate your circumstances with your contractor, they will be more aware whilst working. However, for that extra peace of mind, tell the contractors about your specific plan to keep your kids and pets safe during the renovation so that this process is easier for everyone.

Home renovations can be a stressful time for anybody, especially when kids and pets are involved. However, by setting clear boundaries and prioritising safety, you can help ensure that your children and your pets will stay safe during a home renovation.

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Grace Wang

Grace is a recent graduate of Monash University, where she studied Arts and Science. She is a property, architecture and interior design enthusiast.


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