House Renovation: Let There Be Natural Light

It’s an exciting time when residents decide to undergo a house renovation project while focusing on areas for improvement. When renovating your property, it’s important to embrace natural light as it is able to enhance your home’s interior and also improve your wellbeing.

Power of Natural Light
Natural light is essential and beats out the best quality light bulbs and other kinds of artificial lighting. As most of our time is spent indoors, it’s vital to allow natural light to flow in. The lack of exposure from sunlight negatively affects the way we function, disrupting our circadian rhythm and increasing the cortisol level in our body. This can affect our mental performance, immune system and development. During your house renovation, remember to take note of investing in quality windows that allow light in since replacing natural to artificial light may compromise your personal health.

House renovation for natural light

Flowing Fresh Air
House renovation is a great opportunity to incorporate operable windows that easily allow fresh air in and stale air out. If air circulation within the house is hindered, the indoor air quality is placed at risk. This means that impurities such as dust, mildew or other chemical substances are easily breathed in and become part of the body’s system. This may lead to problematic health issues, including respiratory problems and exhaustion further down the track. Proper ventilation is key to stabilising the air you breathe and combating pollution being created from within the home.

Window with natural light

An alternative solution involves having a cross-ventilation system put in place during a house renovation. This begins with installing the correct kind of operable window at a place where it is able to catch the breeze.  These windows should remain open for the airflow to infiltrate throughout the whole house. The assistance of fans can keep the air moving consistently.

Professional Input
To secure a successful house renovation, the knowledge that architects and designers bring to the table is extremely valuable. They’ll be able to provide insight regarding how to catch sunlight strategically and how to utilise the cool breeze when installing the proper windows. During the planning stage, they can assess the renovation site while keeping the sunlight and wind movement in mind. They will then proceed to design a personalised structure that strategically welcomes natural ventilation and daylight.

House Renovation Natural Light

They can suggest the specific size and design of the window to use and whereabouts in the house they should be exactly positioned. They are also able to ensure that the style and structure of the house is maintained. A house renovation is able to provide open up the space for necessary upgrades and also improve the liveability of your home.

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Davina Deluao

Davina graduated from Swinburne University with a Bachelor of Arts. Through travelling and studying abroad in NYC and LA, her interests for property and design grew and have become her strong pursuit.


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