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Titled Lots VS Untitled Lots: What Are The Pros And Cons?

As a homebuyer and when buying a block of land, it can be confusing and overwhelming when it comes to understanding the various real estate, property and financial terms. While making an informed decision is the most important part of purchasing a home, reaching that decision shouldn’t feel like an uphill battle. To help you on your journey to buying or building your dream home, we’ve broken down titled and untitled land – two of the most common terms you’ll come across when researching the market! Gain some insight into the pros and cons of each option with our no-frills, straightforward guide below…

buying a block of land

Titled Lot
Put simply, titled land has a legal record of who owns it through a Certificate of Title documented with the Land Registry. If your land is titled, you can begin the process of building. Overall, buying a block of land that is titled ensures a quicker process, with the builder or developer often able to provide a more specific timeframe of completion.


– The approvals process can be commenced immediately since the land is already registered.
– For this reason, you, as a purchaser, can take ownership quickly and efficiently.
– When the title is cleared, your builders can access and begin work on the site straight away – meaning a quicker build and less wait time!
– Securing a building license is a much easier and faster task with this type of land.
– A bank does not have to undertake a valuation of the land as with an unregistered lot.


– Since council specifications will already exist, you may be restricted in your construction and renovation activities.
– The total cost of purchasing an established home may be more expensive than buying unregistered land and building a house. Remember to factor in rates, insurance and property taxes.
– You are likely to encounter more competition when purchasing this way since there are less titled lots available, especially in popular locations!
– In comparison to the alternative, purchasing this type of land often means purchasing an established home, which obviously means increased maintenance straightaway.
– You do not get to take advantage of any increase in the land value – at least, not in the same manner as available with untitled lots.

buying a block of land

Untitled Lots
Untitled land is unregistered land that has been sold before council registration. This type of land is common with new estates or new land releases offered by property developers. When buying a block of land that is unregistered, you will be required to sign a Contract of Sale with a developer who will develop and register the land on your behalf. You will usually need to pay a deposit equal to 10% of the land value.


– You stand to generate a significant return on investment if you sell the property to a developer in the future.
– You have the option of subdividing the block, titling them and building multiple units.
– Since stamp duty is calculated on the value of the land, you are likely to pay less stamp duty with unregistered land. It stands to reason that land value increases exponentially with suburban development.
– Rather than buying a pre-built home, untitled land allows you to design and construct your home to your exact specifications.
– Given it is difficult to find titled land for purchase in and around major cities, this option provides an easy doorway into the property market.
– Upon paying the initial deposit, the remaining balance is not due until the completion of the land. This means you have extra time to add to your savings.


– The subdivision plans of the developer may not be approved by the council and other relevant authorities.
– There is the potential for unscrupulous property developers to cancel the contract (sunset clause) if they discover that they can resell the land at a much higher rate.
– The contract is binding until the due date, which can sometimes drag on for as long as 48 months.
– Zoning restrictions may be placed on the block by the council preventing certain construction work from being undertaken.
– Contracts for unregistered land can be long and complex, so this option may not be suitable for those seeking a quicker process.
– Given this, you will be unable to take ownership quickly and efficiently.

How Can iBuildNew Help?
When buying a block of land, weighing up the benefits and risks of your options and deciding which one best aligns with your goals and finances is the easiest path to determining the choice right for you. On iBuildNew, you can shortlist and compare land estates side by side. You can explore our developer and estates page to find out important information about the developer’s estate, guidelines, masterplans and land lots available.

Are you buying a block of land and need help simplifying the process? Our team of friendly experts are here to help! Call us on 1800 184 284 or book a call today!

Kaylah Chesson

Kaylah is completing her final year of a Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Laws degree at Deakin University. Her particular areas of interest include property and land law, home design and the creative arts.


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