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Planning your home’s design is a task that should not be taken lightly. The same goes for the construction stage, which can be made smoother by the assistance of reliable home builders based in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide.

If you aren’t sure about the quality and structure of the house design yourself, you can count on these home builders to help you formulate a better one. Before anything though, there are several factors you ought to consider for your would-be house. These dictate the comfort, appearance, and resilience of your home.

Knowing what your current housing needs are is also important in the planning process. By successfully assessing and laying out these factors, home builders will then know what to provide for you. Figuring out what you need to consider can be done by asking the following questions: How many of us are going to be housed? How many rooms do we want? Would it be more economical to get a single storey or a double? What kind of aesthetic design do we want? What will be the primary colour scheme for our interiors?

Inclusions for Builders’ Base Rates

Whether you take pride in self-planned processes or not, hiring experts in the field of home building can help you achieve the house of your dreams cost-effectively, and can even help you realize other essentials you didn’t account for. Here are basic inclusions that majority of builders include in their base rates. Orienting yourself with these may also help you come up with a good house plan:

Interior features

Your house is your fortress. It’s your personal space that you offer to guests, friends, or relatives from time to time. The majority of home building contracts include covering your wants for your interior. You can choose hardwood floors for specific parts like the foyer or in the dining room, or request recessed lights in the living area or kitchen. Other interior features covered include windows, baseboards, doors, shelving of closets, the garage, and the staircase.

Exterior features

Making a good first impression on house guests is a given for many people planning to build a house. That is why exterior features are as important as the interior. Knowing how big or wide you want your space to be can help with figuring out if you want a concrete patio, parking spaces at the front and back, a landscaped yard, your own outdoor pool or garden, and even a sidewalk. The right builder can help you with all of these.

Plumbing features

What good is a home without high-quality plumbing system? Consider if you want a standard bath or one that comes straight out of a deluxe home catalogue. You can request builders to create a custom glass shower, or provide stainless steel sinks for your kitchen.

Flooring features

Good flooring should always be your priority. After all, floors take the brunt of daily activities and are usually the ones that wear down faster. Consider whether a specific room will have low or high traffic. This will help you determine if you want or need tiles, wooden floors, vinyl or carpets.

Electrical features

These include the number of outlets you want in every room, and maybe even offered upgrades for electrical appliances. Some contracts can also offer safety features, which cover smoke detectors, deadbolts on exterior doors, fluorescent lighting, and many more.

Our Trusted and Highly Recommended Home Builders

When it comes to creating the perfect home for you, we leave it to the experts. Our team at iBuildNew takes pride in compiling the most reliable and commendable house plans and home builders. Below is a list of our member home builders and their information:

G. J. Gardner Homes

This builder takes pride in over 25 years of homebuilding and, so far, have built over 28,000 customised homes. Their main expertise is founded on the highest standard of workmanship, which enables homes to withstand time. They are always ready to dispatch people to help you make smart housing choices.


Metricon believes in making anyone love where they live. They provide affordable yet top-quality houses for starter homes, and provide exemplary models that showcase professional taste in luxury, style, and design. They cater to customers around Australia.


Family is of the greatest value to Burbank. Family-owned and operated, it is one of the country’s most trusted multi-faceted businesses. With beauty and excellence in homebuilding always in mind, leave it to Burbank to create the home most suitable for you. Have your house constructed by this builder if you’re chasing a family home at great value.


Considered as one of the leaders in homebuilding, Henley has made homes for people for 26 years now. Popular and awarded for innovation, experience, and sustainability, this home builder can offer a variety of single and double storey homes. This builder caters to customers living in Melbourne, and in other capital cities around Australia.

We have other builders in our roster as well. You can also compare your choices by browsing the rest of our website. We also have hundreds of house plans available, all free for you to access so you can make the right decisions when it comes to building your dream home.

Our team is always ready to attend to your queries. You can call on our expert consultants on 1800 184 284.


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