5 Tips for Investing in Property

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Whether you’re looking to get a foot on the property ladder or you’re looking to expand your portfolio, property is always an excellent investment opportunity that promises good returns. If you’re considering investing in property, then the goal is to generate the highest return possible and minimise risk.

Get to Know The Market

Buying an investment property is different to buying a home to live in, in many ways. Your investment property is simply a way to profit from your investment, whereas when you’re looking to buy your home, you are looking for somewhere that suits your lifestyle. With an investment property, it’s all about the numbers so purchasing a property outside your own location can make sense. Also, prices in some locations are astronomical, and properties can sit on the market for a long time before they are sold. There are other locations that appear to be great value, yet the rental demand is low so you are likely to experience inconsistent cash-flow. It’s also a good idea to look at how the market is likely to change in the next few years. While nobody can predict the market with 100% certainty, understand the likely outcome is important. For some locations, prices are expect to stay fairly steady over the next few years while others may be ready to boom.

Choose the Right Property

There are huge differences in prices, demand and returns for apartments and houses. In fact, the differences can be so vast that they are almost entirely different markets altogether! Look at the supply and demand of both apartments and houses in your chosen area, as well as the prices, potential growth and rental returns. As we’ve already mentioned, when looking to investing in property you should always look ahead at the property market to see how likely property prices in your chosen area are likely to perform. The type of property will play a huge part in its performance. What size is most suitable? Is dual-occupancy and option that will yield higher rental returns? The property you choose to invest in should be a match to your goals, both short-term and long-term. The cost to hold the property must be achievable for you and your circumstances while the likely growth makes the investment worthwhile long-term.

Speak to the Experts

If you are new to investing in property, it’s worthwhile seeking expert advice. Experts have a much better insight into their area of expertise. Speak to your accountant to understand your Tax implications and why it’s often better to build a new property than invest in an something that’s already established. Speak to your lawyer to stucture your investment strategy to minimise your risk. Speak to your mortgage broker to find out your borrowing capacity and the best investment loans to suit your needs. Also speak to a property expert such as iBuildNew who can calculate what it will cost to hold a particular property over the long term and at what point the property will give you positive cash-flow.

Make Sure Your Property is Structurally Sound

Property Inspections by professionals give you peace of mind. Both existing properties and new builds can be inspected at the appropriate times. When building an investment property at various stages you can seek the advice of a property inspection. This can also be helpful if you are interstate and cannot attend a builders inspection yourself

Prepare for the Worst

It can be easy to get overly optimistic when it comes in investing in property. Consider what it might mean to you financially if the property remains empty for a while as you find someone to rent it. Also consider what might happen if you experience higher interest rates. Create yourself a plan to deal with these scenarios and give yourself some breathing space to minimise your risk.

What Next?

iBuildNew specialises in helping you achieve your dream of owning a new dwelling in Australia. You can compare house builders, developers, land and house designs easily on the one site. If you are after personalised advice from industry experts make sure you contact one of our consultants on 1800 184 284 or book a call online.

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