How To Stay Organised: Home Organisation Tips

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A disorganised home can lead to a disorganised mind. Being surrounded by mess and clutter can produce higher levels of stress, so it is important to work on home organisation and stay in control of your living space. It can often be hard to maintain perfect cleanliness and organisation – with it being very easy to push to the side. Here are a few of our tips to get on top of your home organisation.

home organisation living space

Create a system when getting started

Starting new habits and new ways of organising can be difficult – which is why the important phase is how you get started. Start slowly by completing little bits at a time and find out what works for you. Start with one room, or even just one section of a room and dedicate a certain amount of time to keeping that area organised each day. Discover the spaces that tend to build up with the most mess and clutter and get on top of them first – this way the rest will feel a lot less daunting.

Work on your habits

Write down or mentally make a list of habits you want to create. You can stay on top of things effectively if you do little things throughout the day. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Make your bed in the morning

This is a perfect start to your day because it forces you to stay out of bed and get moving. The bed is often the centre of your room and so keeping it neat will set the scene for the rest of the area.

  • Wash dishes as you use them

This way you won’t get overwhelmed by the amount of dishes that stack up in the sink, and the kitchen clean will seem a whole lot more manageable.

  • Avoid piles

Piles have a tendency to continue piling – avoid stacking anything where it is not meant to be and make sure that you have a designated space for all your belongings.

Smart Storage

home organisation storage

You should not underestimate the power of adding storage to your space. Whether it be baskets, shelving units or behind door hangers – it can be an incredibly effective way to make your home neat and more efficient. Whether you have shoes that always get left in doorways, or coats left on furniture, a small cane basket or door hanger creates a space for the things that create clutter.

Avoid Cleaning Debt

home organisation clutter

One of the biggest issues is when things start to pile up and getting back on top of things seems impossible – you should do your best to clean as you go. At the end of the day put clothes back where they belong, or in the wash if needed and avoid leaving them out. When you use objects or appliances put them back before you move on to your next task so that you don’t need to do it later – keep yourself organised and your home will keep organised too.

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