101 Residential

Est. 2011
$155,990 - $470,000
50-100 builds P.A.
6 months free maintenance period
10 years guarantee

  • Intelligent Design
  • Quality Construction
  • High Quality, Cost-Effective Housing

101 Residential is Scott Park’s innovative new building company. How are we innovative? When you’ve been in the building industry for 20 years, you learn a thing or two. We’ve developed smarter ways to get the most out of every square metre; processes that build in flexibility, without building up the cost; and cutting-edge design, that allows you to build a two storey home, for the same price as many single storey options out there. 101 Residential is the brain child of respected WA home builder Scott Park. Scott always wanted to own a home building company and early on put a plan in place to achieve his vision. He gained grassroots experience as a sub-contractor carpenter, followed by building studies at Tafe and a traineeship in building, supervision (Registered builder).

At just 29 Scott and an associate founded Scott Park Homes with a staff of four in a small Osborne Park office. The WA home building company grew to around 100 staff, 350 sub-contractors with an annual turnover of more than $108 million. Scott left Scott Park Homes and established a new home building company, Redink Homes in 2006 to continue his ethos for providing superior customer service and quality built new homes. Redink was the 3rd biggest project builder in its class nationally last year, consistently sits within the top 20 of the Housing Industry Association’s home builders in WA, and continues to win top industry awards year after year. In 2011 Scott launched 101 Residential, a new homes building brand with a focus on flexibility, quality and innovation. With 101, Scott provides people with affordable but spacious homes that fit on the smaller blocks which are now so prevalent in metropolitan Perth.
A former 40under40 winner, Scott believes teamwork developed in a positive environment and staff training are the keys to the success of his businesses.

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Inner Perth, Perth North West, Perth North East, Perth South West, Perth South East, Mandurah Area

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2017 - HIA Best Display Home $500,001 - $700,000 - The Somerset, Golden Bay
2017 - HIA Best Display Home $400,001 - $460,00 - The Barisan, Haynes
2017 - HIA Western Australia Housing Awards - Liveable Home of the Year
2016 - MBA Best Display Home $550,000 - $650,000 - The Livingstone
2016 - MBA Best Display Home $450,000 - $550,000 - The Crysdale
2016 - MBA Best Display Home $550,000 - $650,000 - The Antero

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