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$140,000 - $3,000,000
6 years
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Danmar Homes

Danmar Homes has been active in the building industry for over 20 years, designing and building new homes tailored to our clients budget and lifestyle. Our experienced team will be with you every step of the way, through the design, planning and construction of your new home. We offer flexibility to all of our clients, including unlimited design options and quality internal/external products at a competitive price. If you are ready to build your dream home, contact Danmar Homes on 08 9445 7833 today to discuss your options.

We are proud to be an independent West Australian company and an active member of the Housing Association (HIA) and Master Builders Association of WA (MBAWA) and registered by the Building Commission of WA as a ‘Building Service Contractor’. Our award winning team are professional, motivated and driven towards creating the ideal home for each of our clients to suit their lifestyle and budget. Our experienced team will take you through the selection process ensuring your home has your own personal touch.

Danmar also has a team devoted entirely to developments. Our Danmar Developments team specialises in demolish and build projects, particularly for multi-units, grouped dwellings, low to medium-rise apartments and multi-level townhouses. For more information contact our developments office on 08 9445 7522.

Build locations
Inner Perth, Perth North West, Perth North East, Perth South West, Perth South East, Mandurah Area
Industry awards
  • In HIA's Housing 100 Awards:
  • 2015/16 'Largest Home Builder' in WA - 13th place
  • 2015/16 'Largest Home Builder' in Australia - 62nd place
  • 2015/16 'Largest Multi-Unit Builder' in Australia - 11th place
  • 2014/15 'Largest Home Builder' in WA - 12th place
  • 2014/15 'Largest Home Builder' in Australia - 54th place
  • 2014/15 'Largest Multi-Unit Builder' in Australia - 11th place
  • 2013/14 'Largest Home Builder' in WA - 11th place
  • 2013/14 'Largest Home Builder' in Australia - 41st place
  • 2013/14 'Largest Multi-Unit Builder' in Australia - 13th place
  • Housing Industry Association (HIA): Yes
  • Master Builders Association (MBA): Yes

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