Dulger Homes

Est. 2009
From $159,900
50-100 builds P.A.
3 months free maintenance period
7 years guarantee

  • Extensive range
  • Customised design and modifications to suit your individual needs
  • Knockdown Rebuild

The team at Dulger Homes know that a house is more than the bricks and mortar, which hold it together. They appreciate and respect that a house is a family’s most important asset, a safe haven that reflects the personalities and lifestyle of the people who call it home. Company director and founder Hasan Dulger and his team are relentless in their commitment to creating a client’s dream home. Hasan Dulger, who has more than 34 years’ experience in the domestic construction industry, oversees every step of the building process, from the initial consultation to the moment when clients receive the keys to their new home. Hasan and his team treat every build as if they were creating a home for their own family, striving to make the process as collaborative and smooth as possible. They are happy to look at your land, assess your budget and recommend a design from the impressive Dulger range.

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Melbourne North East, Melbourne North West, Melbourne West, Inner Melbourne, Melbourne Inner East, Melbourne East, Melbourne Inner South, North East Victoria, North West Victoria