New Generation Homes

Est. 1986
$240,000 - $451,300
200-500 builds P.A.
6 months free maintenance period
25 years guarantee
  • Affordable homes for the educated home-buyer
  • Packed with value
  • With space for you to be you

We have a few reasons why we think we’re a great fit for You, and you’re a great fit for New.

We’re thinking of you at the core of our designs and pricing and how you’re going to live in your home, not just today but in the future too.

Whilst we embrace new and innovative ways of doing things (like our brick veneer and fully-framed methods of building) our practices are based on the wisdom and experience of Summit Homes Group. Summit have been building homes for over 40 years, for more than 40 000 West Australians. Summit is also a family business, built around people, and that includes you.

Building is exciting! And building can also be stressful. We like to maintain transparency throughout our time working with you. We don’t promise that the path to building your home will always be perfectly smooth, but we do promise to walk with you each step of the way. You’ll even have your Construction Supervisor’s phone number so you can always be in the know when it comes to your build.

Enough about us though, let’s get to know You and your New.

Where we build Show map

Inner Perth, Perth North West, Perth North East, Perth South West, Perth South East, Mandurah Area

- WINNER | 2022 MBA Project Builder of the Year
- WINNER | 2021 HIA Professional Major Builder
- WINNER | 2021 MBA Project Builder of the Year
- WINNER | 2020 HIA Professional Major Builder
TRUECORE Steel Option

We now offer the option of TRUECORE framing. Strong, Safe and Durable

Bonus Upgrades Available

Choose two upgrades for free, incl AirCon, Kitchen, Energy Saver, and Security packages