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In the market to build a new home for the first time? It looks pretty complicated out there! Loads of awesome deals, funny conditions and fine print. Can’t quite shake the feeling that the promotions are tricks of trade just to lure you in?

We know how you feel! It’s time to raise your expectations. Step forward, Step One.

So why choose us?

Firstly, we’ve reinvented the First Home Building Experience. What does that mean? Well we don’t believe that first home builders are lazy couch potatoes who can’t decide for themselves. We believe in giving you the right information and the right advice and helping you make the right decisions for yourself and your family. We believe in the partnership approach that gives you the benefits of our expertise and experience and caters to your needs throughout the home building process – after all it’s your home we’re building not ours!

Secondly, we know how to build a bloody good house – we should do, we’ve got 114 years of experience! We’ve got a huge range of architecturally designed houses, perfect for contemporary living and the modern Australian lifestyle. All built to the quality standards that have given Plunkett its long-standing reputation for quality and durability. Don’t just take our word for it, ask the 10s of thousands of happy home builders all living in Plunkett built homes.

Thirdly, we know people who know people. Where you live is important! Our team have excellent relationships across all the major (and minor!) land estates in WA. We know the open secrets, hidden treasures and the upcoming pre-releases. We even know the private land sales that can cut you apart from the rest. All this makes sure that we can get you onto the perfect block, in the best location you can afford. As we’re completely independent to all the major land estates, our only interest is in making sure you get what you want.

Fourthly, we know about finance. We don’t own a finance company, so we’re not selling you mortgages. Instead, we use our independence to make sure you have access to the widest range of options and experts, so you can get the best loans possible. We also know that affording a house is not just about securing the lowest mortgage rates possible. We can show you how to make changes in spending habits and savings plans, so you don’t have to rely on a pay rise or seek out a new job to get the home you want.

Step One.

First Homes. Reinvented.

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Inner Perth, Perth North East, Perth North West, Perth South East, Perth South West

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